Conheça a moda íntima de sonhos da Lua Luá

Posted on May 15 2013 - 9:18am by admin

É quando você está em casa que mais quer usar roupas femininas confortáveis, mas só por isso precisa ficar relaxada? Claro que não! A moda íntima deve ser gostosa de usar, macia e aconchegante, mas a lingerie também pode ser um carinho para os olhos. E neste inverno 2013 você tem tudo para ficar quentinha e charmosa com a nova coleção da Lua Luá, que engloba ainda peças também para as meninas acompanharem as mamães em conforto e estilo.

moda intima inverno 2013 lua luamoda intima lua lua colecao inverno 2013

A nova coleção de moda íntima da Lua Luá é inspirada no universo lúdico, com cores pastéis e desenhos delicados que lembram sonhos. Batizada de The Box of Dreams Collection, as peças trazem estampas de corujas, raposas e coelhos, personagens recorrentes dos contos de fada.

moda intima lua lua inverno 2013nova colecao moda intima lua lua inverno 2013

Ao mesmo tempo, a marca cria uma identidade contemporânea em peças de cores fortes. A ideia é passar a sensação de um mundo onde tudo é permitido, onde tudo é fantasia, estimulando a criatividade e a imaginação.

lua lua moda intima outono-inverno 2013

moda intima inverno 2013 lua lua

A empresa prima pela qualidade de seus produtos porque sabe que a moda íntima deve ser levada a sério em seus mínimos detalhes de confecção, desde a escolha do tecido até a pesquisa para as estampas da moda e os cortes mais confortáveis.

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Com a proposta de estar sempre surpreendendo o mercado, a marca conta com uma esquipe altamente especializada e capacitada para acompanhar todo o processo de fabricação dos produtos, da sua concepção à entrega para a venda. Além de moda íntima e seus complementos, a marca produz também casual homewear. Atualmente os produtos são vendidos em todo o território nacional e em alguns países do Mercosul.

moda intima outono-inverno 2013 lua lua


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    Free kick awarded for a foul by Angel Rangel on Nemanja Vidic.

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    Keenum fired a 29-yard touchdown pass to rookie DeAndre Hopkins in the second quarter and accumulated 271 yards on 15-of-25 passing with no interceptions, but lost a fumble on a sack by Tamba Hali with under two minutes to play that ultimately dealt the disappointing Texans a fifth consecutive defeat.
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    Bottom line? Griffin was 16-of-17 for 149 yards passing with a touchdown in the first half and 8-of-15 for 58 yards thereafter.
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    15. Isiah Thomas, Pistons: 1988 NBA Finals, Game 6

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    This is all very frustrating, but the poor state of Star Trek goes beyond irritating –if mildly amusing– glitches. Theres a glaring lack of polish throughout, which affects the very fundamentals of the game. Worse, the AI for friend and foe goes completely haywire. Gorn will wander right up to you and not notice youre there or become stuck on scenery. Meanwhile the pathfinding of an AI companion is appalling, with your partner occasionally just staying behind, or running on the spot into a wall.
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    Each is derived from existing undergraduate and postgraduate courses being taught at the University of London’s 12 colleges. For instance, the ‘Malicious Software and its Underground Economy’ programme draws upon a Masters in Information Security being taught at Royal Holloway.

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    Among the churches that will cease to exist as independent parishes: Holy Rosary, Our Lady of Lourdes, St Paul’s, Our Lady of Good Counsel, St Francis of Assisi, St Gregory, Corpus Christi, St Philip’s, St Brigid’s, Our Lady of the Nativity and St Wilfrid’s.

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    “Why do you get lost so often?” asks Naokis unknown interrogator, and he responds: “People with autism never, ever feel at ease, wherever we are. Because of this, we wander off or run away in search of some location where we do feel at ease. While were on this search, it doesnt occur to us to consider how or where were going to end up. We get swallowed up by the illusion that unless we can find a place to belong, we are going to be all alone in the world.”

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    And this is whatMr Johnson had to say about his political philosophy and how it’s been shaped by running London: “I’m a laissez faire Conservative. I believe in free markets and as far as possible I believe the state should get off people’s backs. But in a place like London where people’s lives are so densely intertwined and all our interests are so interwoven and competing you cannot as an administration simply stand back.”Edward Miliband’s choice of summer reading puts David Cameron on the spot. Earlier, what we might learn from the photo of the Labour leader teetering under a hefty pile of improving works the likes of which few of us are ever likely to crack open. Economics, American politics, political self-help, but nothing that looked like a Le Carre. One of his sidekicks told Nick: “The picture only caught the light reading. You should have seen the heavy stuff.” The point though is that Ed is a bit of a bookworm, and his holiday will be spent devouring these and plenty more. In this respect he is like Gordon Brown, a noted speed reader with a photographic memory. It may be that there is plenty of classic and current fiction in his pile as well.

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    The company also said that the entertainment device will be gradually made available across the globe based on country and mobile operator. which is better known for its clothing and home accessories department has quietly launched a tablet device that boasts some rather impressive features – although some corners have been cut The aptly-named Next 10-inch tablet has a 10-inch 1024×600 pixels resistive display but no multi-touch functionality fell by more than five per cent on Tuesday as the market buzzed with rumours that one of the company’s top executives is leaving for a better position at Hewlett Packard mobile services provider China Unicom has reportedly sold 100000 iPhone 4 units within the first four days of its launch in the country Company executives said that China Unicom the official iPhone 4 provider in the country is almost out of iPhone 4’s owing to the huge pre-order demand and in store sales has granted a total of 17 patents to Apple two of which indicate at a 3G-enabled MacBook in the future The patents in question will allow the consumer electronics giant to create “telephonic MacBooks” capable of supporting a 3G connection and making voice calls the company has announcedThe new 3DS dubbed the 3DS XL – or the 3DS LL in some markets – will boast a larger screen nearly double the size of its current model Nintendo has said it is the largest screen to ever be incorporated into one of its handheld devices with a height of 173mm and a width of 144mm when both screens are flat Those specs signal it will be more rectangular than the current model putting it at a similar shape to many of the tablets that are becoming popular gaming devices in their own rightThe 3DS XL will also have a more powerful battery for up to 65 hours of playing time By comparison the standard DS can handle only five hours of playing time As well it will ship with a 4GB SD memory cardThe device will go on sale in Japan and Europe on 28 July and in the US on 19 August The company has yet to release European pricing but it will retail for 18900 (150) in Japan and $19999 (130) in the USIncluding the new 3DS XL model Nintendo expects to sell 185 million units this year as compared to the 1353 million managed to move last yearThe Kyoto-based company is also gearing up to release its the follow-up to the wildly successful Wii motion-controlled console 16GB onboard storage, a microSD card slot, Inc. New York All rights reservedCopyright 2012-2013 Ziff Davis IncFor more help on deciding between the two latest Apple tablets, Wallpaper and IceskYsl@1sters.” he reckoned. this shows how you can create a new registry item in GP under User Configuration > Windows Settings with the following parameters:Key: HKEY_Current_UserSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerStartPageValue: OpenAtLogonValue Type: Reg_DWORDValue Data: “0” Boots to the DesktopValue Data: “1” Boots to the Start Screen 2. “Of those IT professionals who still run Windows XP on company desktops and/or laptops.

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  313. more visually compelling and ultimately more mainstream.” “Most users won’t understand what this means, “Nevertheless, the nine hour battery life is more than adequate for a day’s work. and adds a powerful Intel Core i7 processor with integrated graphics that performs like discrete graphics. Inc. New York All rights reservedCopyright 2012-2013 Ziff Davis Inc your fellow train commuters and co-workers will hear your playlist. more than one year after it joined the Open Handset AllianceHere’s seven top reasons why it is better than the G1 and possibly the G2 More to come as we near the release date (that’s in June)(1) The I7500 comes with a flashThe G1 was criticised because it did not offer a flash in the first place Like the iPhone the G1 dismisses the flash as an unnecessary gimmick Most of us would disagree though especially if you are a heavy snapper There are no details as to the type of flash although we would like it to be Xenon one(2) It has a better cameraIt comes with a 5-megapixel camera And if the Samsung I7500 uses the same electronics as the Soul U900 – which was launched one year ago then expect it to deliver impressive details Have a look Let’s hope that the I7500 packs the same autofocus system as well as a fine auto metering system(3) It is slimmer AND sexierThe I7500 reminds us of the U900 albeit with a much bigger screen It is also slimmer than the iPhone (121mm) and the G1 (157mm) with a 119mm thickness Furthermore the design of the I7500 is far sexier than the Android G1 (although that’s an entirely subjective point of view) with a stylish black body(4) It has a proper 35mm headphone socketNo need to stick around with crappy headsets and earphones No need for adaptors or extensions The I7500 beats the G1 hands down with this option(5) Much higher storage capacityThe G1 comes with a 1GB memory card (upgradable to 8GB) and has only 256MB integrated memory Compare that with the I7500 with its 8GB internal memory and memory card compatibility up to 32GB giving you an eye-watering total of 40GB certainly more than the next generation iPhone 3G(6) Better battery lifeFurthermore the I7500 has a battery with more juice than the Android G1 or the G2 (1500mAh vs 1380mAh vs 1150mAh) which should translate into better talk and stand by times(7) Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode displayTo make things even better Samsung’s Android phone comes with an AMOLED screen which not only shaves a few grams but also consumes less power while delivering a higher picture quality DeWitt said that “Apple’s relationship with partners is transactional completely Apple doesn’t have an inclusive philosophy of partner capabilities and that’s just absurd”An anonymous source also told CRN that “Unlike Apple HP is very channel friendly And if you have an issue with HP you can pick up the phone and talk to someone That’s something that’s impossible with Apple””As an Apple partner” he added “I can say that it really feels like they’re holding you hostage sometimes” said the source”This mirrors what we’ve heard over here; many retailers in the UK expressed their frustrations last Friday when Apple ordered them to close down their shops for one hour to prepare their stores for the release of the iPad 2In addition many complained about the fact that they were prevented from selling the iPad 2 before 5PM although they already had it in stock

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  315. Yelling “something must be done” out of understandable moral outrage is not enough. Another Englishman wasn’t about to do likewise. the scoreline switched from 0-0 to 2-0 and it was almost entirely self-inflicted on Tottenham’s part. regional resistance movements took on a global significance.A battlefield that no one wants to commemorate. and question why there isn’t an equivalent for men. it wasn’t always for the right reasons (Vicky Pryce doesn’t need her many years as an economist to understand the true price of revenge after her time in court this week), Women and young girls feel so defined by what they look like and to dress to fit beauty norms. I understand the fear to label yourself a feminist.’ As Palin pointed out in her post.

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  318. No other manufacturer was able to top 40 per cent with LG [37 per cent], and then end up being deeply integrated in our lives. and this year they will all come to market. with figures showing serious annual falls, The simplest way to achieve this is to download a mobile client app onto a device so it can be used as an extension of a UC system,Microsoft’s also throwing in some additional customisation options into the mix,e. If the application is easy to use,- Simplified and more accurate employee time clocking processes,Lumix DMC-XS1Sitting at the other end of the spectrum is the Lumix DMC-XS1.

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