Fashion Rio verão 2014: Alessa

Posted on Apr 26 2013 - 11:48am by admin

O desfile da Alessa começou ao som de “Canto de um Povo de um Lugar” de Caetano Veloso, e uma coleção de roupas que remetem ao safari, fauna e flora. As estampas animal print estavam bem presentes, assim como as peças confortáveis, práticas e bonitas que fazem parte da coleção para o verão 2014 da Alessa. Apesar deste tema já ter sido revisto varias vezes no mundo da moda, a marca o fez de forma super delicada e com cores lindas como pistaches, rosas e brancos. Há também um excelente trabalho com rendas e guipur. Veja aqui o vídeo!



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    11/11/2012 Reno, NV Reno Events Center
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    UFC’s official statistics later credited Maynard with three knockdowns, but Edgar hit the deck at least five times in the opening stanza and was on his knees at other moments in the first round after failing on takedown attempts.
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    Our Jordan Melendrez, who shot the photo you see here, reports Quinn met up with a sparse but spirited group of union volunteers to greet rush-hour commuters at 23rd Street and Seventh Avenue in Manhattan.
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    So the president will have to decide: are there any circumstances under which he would be willing to exert direct pressure on Israel? If he asks for another settlement freeze, he has to mean it

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    Haley mentions her husband and his deployment only in passing, though everyone in the room seems to know where he is.
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    The Golden Panthers tied the game with just over five minutes left until halftime when Carroll hit Ellingson with a 43-yard scoring strike.
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    Another donation proved to be even more controversial.
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    That voters here still — race Rangel underscores a paradox in this election year.
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    Lap 52: Just 3.4 seconds covers the top three. Nightmare pitstop for Maldonado, problem with the wheel gun, they cannot get his wheel off.
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    It’s also of a caliber that might argue an audience out of any reservations it could harbor about the play’s greatness. “Measure for Measure” (1604) has been called Shakespeare’s farewell to comedy — what came after, it’s believed, were the tragedies and the late-career romances — and Posner’s work here honors the play’s transitional role. He’s blended the humorous and serious elements into a seamless whole, a charged portrait of a smoldering Vienna wrestling with the tense relationship between community tolerance and legislated morality, with the question of how a society’s values can be hijacked and twisted by high-minded hypocrites.
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    SIR Much has been achieved by the planning system: our cities have been regenerated and urban sprawl contained; our countryside has been protected; our coastline has been protected, as have our conservation areas. We are one of the most densely populated countries in the world but we still generally enjoy a high quality of environment thanks to the planning system.
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    They said the city removed the original pro-gun ads because its smaller print voiced support for the state’s gun laws and didn’t appear to clearly promote a product or service. The city would have allowed Korwin to post an ad with the text “Guns Save Lives” if the ad emphasized the training website, officials said. In court filings, the city calls the ads “political rhetoric in the sheep’s clothing of an ostensible commercial advertisement.”
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    Anyone with information on Tanya Shannon’s whereabouts is urged to call the LaSalle County Sheriff’s office at 815-433-2161.CHICAGO (CBS/WBBM/AP) Police in LaSalle County are suspending their search for Tanya Shannon, who disappeared after a weekend car crash that killed her husband.
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    Late Monday, police released the names of seven of the 12 victims. They are: Michael Arnold, 59; Sylvia Frasier, 53; Kathy Gaarde, 62; John Roger Johnson, 73; Frank Kohler, 50; Kenneth Bernard Proctor, 46; Vishnu Pandit, 61.
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    There is plenty of time between now and the World Cup and players do make late runs. I would like to see a couple more strikers emerging, but apart from that Im excited by this blossoming of youth. Against the top teams we will have to concentrate a bit more on keeping the opposition out but I like what Im seeing from Englands youngsters.
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    You could argue that guys like Bryant are the icons of the league — they are the reason seats are filled, networks carry NBA games, and fans wears jerseys. Guys like and , not so much. The superstars are responsible for the lion’s share of the league’s revenue, and should be paid accordingly. By that measure, you could legitimately say guys like Bryant are actually underpaid. But strictly on the basis of the expected salary based on a player’s #NBArank, Bryant is overpaid.
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    Along with Democratic-held seats in the red states of Alaska, Louisiana and Arkansas, Hagans spot is considered a top pickup opportunity for Republicans, who need six more senators to take control of the upper chamber.
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    “I had big dreams of moving to New York or San Francisco, but the more time I spent here, the more I knew that Indy was.. a city of immense opportunity,” said Brown. “As I like to say, If there is a heart in the heartland, we are it.”The culmination of the three day-long water-splashing festival that marks the Dai New Year is a riot of people racing around the streets of Jinghong and the surrounding villages, soaking every person in sight with buckets of water, hoses, water-pistols and water-filled balloons.
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    He converted a three-point play, tossed in a floater with his left hand as he drifted right, and found under the hoop with a pass to make it 85-74. He flipped in another runner with 2.9 seconds to go, sending the Spurs to the fourth with an 87-75 lead as fans chanted “Manu! Manu!” during the break between the third and fourth quarters.
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    Its a rare and decadent pleasure with a dollop of schadenfreude on top, of course to get a taste of the sourness inside big businesses. And its a reminder that we are, in fact, all human. That there really is a limit to what were willing to take, and to what were willing to sugarcoat.
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    The Time War reaches Gallifrey at Last
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    Atlanta’s defense held in the final seconds, keeping the Falcons as the lone unbeaten team in the NFL.
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    Which makes this next point I raise somewhat humorous considering the $44.6B strategy taken by Microsoft. It is that, despite the massive amount of money involved in the proposed transaction, Ballmer and company will not get any truly significant social network out of the deal.
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    3. Check that you have the map data for the country you are going to lifecast from. You can download the map data with Map Loader or over-the-air (data charges may apply).
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    Pete said something very in line with this train of thought WordCamp Dallas set me on late this evening during his : “A re-alignment of the lens with which we bloggers cover the scene needs to occur.” He was referencing the at CommunityNext earlier in the day, one that covered the topics of how all this bubbliciousness and boom-time had changed the face of blogging.
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    We’re approaching one million tweets on the situation, if we haven’t passed that number already. Heck, it’s been 1% of all Twitter chatter, according to Twist. Here it is compared to iPhone chatter:
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    Durant said only that he missed the shot, saying he would have to watch the tape to see if he was fouled.

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    No NFL team is upset-proof, but Harbaugh’s outfit is professional and no-nonsense. Veteran defensive end scoffed during the week at the idea of an overseas San Francisco let down. He said the 49ers trail Seattle, which plays Monday night, by a game in the NFC West, so they had to stay sharp. That mantra could bode well for San Francisco in the second half of the season. Going into Week 8, the 49ers have the fourth easiest remaining schedule in the NFL.
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    Brown inherits a team in total rebuilding mode. Hinkie, who was hired away from Houston, traded All-Star guard to New Orleans on draft night for the rights to Kentucky center . Hinkie also drafted Syracuse point guard with the 11th overall pick in the first round.
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    The success of the Knicks rests on the shoulders of Carmelo Anthony.
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    Barcelona debuted ground-breaking redshorts in 2005/06 and supporters were horrified. They quickly forgotwhen Ronaldinho and pals wore the offending items to Champions Leagueglory.
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    Substitution Martin Olsson replaces Nathan Redmond.
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    “We know where the technology is going, we want to find out more information and find it out faster,” Bonhomme said. “But really, to have that, to put that into the context of, ‘what should we be giving back to families and to patients?'”
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    The Eurogroup continues to be of the view that small depositors should be treated differently from large depositors and reaffirms the importance of fully guaranteeing deposits below EUR 100.000. The Cypriot authorities will introduce more progressivity in the one-off levy compared to what was agreed on 16 March, provided that it continues yielding the targeted reduction of the financing envelope and, hence, not impact the overall amount of financial assistance up to EUR 10bn.
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    Anyone with information should call police on 0161 856 9283 or the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.POLICE are to investigate a complaint that a councillor posted derogatory comments about a former mayor of Salford on a website.
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    “The biggest question mark here is, how do you value the Blackstone overhang?” said Green Street analyst Cedrik Lachance. “If I knew that there would be $5 billion in equity to hit the market over the next three to five years, I might buy it later, rather than now.”
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    Apple pulled that measure after a judge sided with Mr. Einhorn, who sued to stop it on grounds the proposal was improperly bundled with other items. Apple’s general counsel, Bruce Sewell, said Wednesday the company was “committed” to reviving the issue.
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    The documents were published on Greek website on Thursday morning.
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    Fisker Automotive has laid off another dozen workers at the former General Motors plant in Delaware that it has been refitting with federal and state money to build a new sedan.
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    Drum major Keon Hollis was not charged in connection with Champion’s death. He told that the two went through the hazing ritual together. Two band members charged in Champion’s death also are facing misdemeanor hazing charges in connection with Hollis’ beating on the bus.
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    The layoffs, which occurred quietly Friday, come as California-based Fisker continues talks with the U.S. Energy Department to unfreeze loan money that could determine whether it ever builds a car at the plant. Meanwhile, the state continues to pay utility bills for the factory in hopes Fisker will still provide jobs there.
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    Any plan will take teamwork between shelters with government contracts that must accept every animal and the no-kill shelters that often only take animals they can help, said Ed Sayres, president and CEO of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
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    Win 36: 11-0 at Orioles, July 31
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    Erdogan suggested that this bill was in part a way to lure voters to Sarkozy’s camp by kindling the fires of Islamophobia.MELBOURNE, Australia(AP)

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    Pataki recently snubbed the annual state Republican dinner in favor of the Conservative Party dinner and an environmental function. State GOP Executive Director Matthew Walter insisted Pataki’s exclusion was nothing personal. Pataki isn’t a delegate because he didn’t ask to be one, said. He also noted that Mondello received no response to handwritten letters inviting Pataki to attend and speak at the GOP meeting.

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    At the same time, senior execs said the firm was committed to its client business, and ID

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    Pfluger raises a point that is the central question surrounding Alliance and other schools like it: Is it better to let gay students self-segregate in a cocoon of tolerance, or have them suffer as mainstream schools struggle to reduce bullying?

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    My informant adds: “I thank God that you’re trying to defend the Ordinariate from the attacks of the Catholic establishment (both here and in Rome, where opposition makes the CBCEW’s obstruction seem utterly insignificant) but, in this case, you’ve given a loyal son of the Church a real kicking for no reason. He’s done a lot of good work in that job, Damian, in the face of serious opposition from the usual suspects.”

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    Goaltenders Rising and Falling

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    That prompts the question: just what is the intrinsic value of a metal that yields no income and has limited utility in the hands of most holders? One answer, in the case of gold coins, is rather less than you would have to pay to buy them.

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    German forces had been thinned so much to supply soldiers to France that when the Macedonian Front fell, there was a risk that Allied forces could advance unopposed to Berlin.

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    Mr Cameron set out to show the country, and not just his party, that he has the leadership qualities necessary to take the country through a crisis. Arguably his performance in office so far does that far better than a single speech, not least one that stopped well short of greatness.

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