Tá na moda: camisetas com estampa de animal

Posted on Apr 25 2013 - 5:39am by admin

A camiseta com estampa de animal está na moda. Mas, não pense que se trata da clássica animal print, aquela que imita a pele de animal, mas sim estampas que retratam a cara dele.

camiseta estampa de animal

A grande culpada dessa moda é a grife Givenchy, que lançou em 2011 camisetas masculinas com estampas de bichos, peças que viraram febre entre os músicos, sobretudo os do hip-hop.

camiseta givenchy

Não demorou muito para que a camiseta aparecesse em looks femininos e virasse hit, sendo copiada mundo afora. A peça surgiu até mesmo no último desfile da Givenchy, dividindo espaço com moletons estampados.

camisetas kinca e mixed

Com a popularização da peça e as versões inspired, nem é preciso gastar muito para ter uma. Há camisetas com estampa de animal, por exemplo, na coleção de outono / inverno da Renner. As marcas Shoulder, Costume e Kinca também investiram na moda das camisetas com esse tipo de estampa, inclusive grife Mixed.

looks short e camiseta com estampa de animal

Para investir nessa moda, não há segredos: a camiseta com estampa de animal é perfeita para complementar looks básicos e despojados usados no dia a dia, seja com short jeans, minissaia e calça.

looks calca e camiseta com estampa de animal

Quer usar essa camiseta num look mais formal? A dica é apostar numa produção com calça de alfaiataria ou complementar o look com o blazer: fica atual e mais sério, funcionando até mesmo num ambiente de trabalho.

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    Although officials cautioned that the investigation into the riots would proceed slowly, the wave of unrest was at least in part inspired by the inflammatory video that mocks the Prophet Muhammed.
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    The Advance Group was paid $756,907 in political consulting fees the past two years while also lobbying. Firm president Scott Levenson he doesnt get special favors from pols his firm helped elect, but he doesnt deny that his firm emphasizes its access to lawmakers when drumming up business.
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    Several minutes later, her two children were seen sobbing as they were escorted to their house from a neighbor

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    “This is what I think: This isn’t Las Vegas, and I’m not willing to gamble with a new strategy on anyone’s civil rights.”
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    5. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese before serving.- Financial firms knew they had to play politics if they hoped to do business with the state pension fund under , newly released records show.
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    “He’s got a real problem with false statements,” Sloan said of Meeks. “It doesn’t sound like an accident.”
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    These covers obviously grab attention and (potentially) stir debate.
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    The settlement will encompass pending RMBS-related litigation brought by the FHFA against UBS on behalf of mortgage lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as well as some unasserted claims. It is subject to documentation and final approvals by the parties.
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    is a Twitter client application for the Nokia N95. In addition to some basic Twitter functionality, it can leverage the built-in GPS of the N95 to add your current position to a twit. The position can then be automatically displayed by and .
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    China’s priorities are in finding better ways to handle the country’s domestic affairs, achieve development and make further progress along a socialist road with Chinese characteristics.
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    Recap of ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’
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    Conservatives will be better off the Republican Party will be better off.
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    JUST IN, DEMOCRAT CORY BOOKERThis transcript is automatically generated
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    Army officials also believed it was more efficient to cancel the request for the smaller building than the larger one because Congress already had appropriated money for the large facility. “It would be easier to modify or de-scope a requirement than start over on a new approval process,” the report stated.
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    Keeping grass cut short and shrubbery trimmed;
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    That process of “spinning out” seems the very opposite of the spontaneous outpouring that one imagines jazz to be. “Yes, its real composing, bringing techniques to bear on material. I really love that word craftsmanship,” he says, pronouncing it with pedantic correctness. “Its like this table,” he goes on, gesturing at the odd little wooden construction that bears my cooling mug of tea. “You want to be able to put a mug of tea on it without it falling over. And a piece has to do the expressive job you want it do.”

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    Aching slugger Cabrera connected in the fourth, a drive into the left-field seats for his first homer since Sept. 17 and just his third extra-base hit in 99 at-bats. That ended a 20-inning scoreless streak by the Tigers at the Coliseum.
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    Nordstrom will occupy three floors. And office workers will fill the top four floors.
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    In 1972, the government founded the precursor of Statoil ASA, an integrated petroleum company. (In 2012, Statoil dividends from government shares was $2.4-billion). In the same year, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate was also established, a government administrative body that has the objective of

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    The NCAA’s new tax return also provided an indication of the mounting legal pressure it has been facing.
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    Under his tenure, Dior has attracted many A-list fans, from actresses , and to French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

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    The Oilers went up 4-3 at the 7:23 mark of the third period when Ryan Nugent- Hopkins’ wrister from between the circles changed direction off Jones’ shin pad and slid through Smith’s five hole.
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    threw three interceptions, the last coming with the Jets threatening to take a late lead. They gave up six third-down conversions during the Dolphins’ 21-play, 94-yard drive for their only touchdown.
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    Former Obama health reform adviser Bob Kocher said delaying the programs start doesnt “materially affect” the new health insurance marketplaces. Kocher, now a partner at the venture capital firm Venrock, also rejected the notion that reinsurance fee delay amounts to a sweetheart deal for unions though unions pushed for the change.
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    “This is not a guy who can hide his contempt, and the only thing that can really hurt is if hes smug and thinks hes got this in the bag,” said a Democrat close to the Obama campaign, echoing the sentiments of several other aides and advisers heading into Wednesdays inaugural debate against Romney at the University of Denver.
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    Dick: Yeah, yeah.
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    Projection: .272/.355/.470, 24 HR, 82 R, 88 RBI, 16 SB in 566 AB
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    The university said the plan was recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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    Common concerns about keeping a city up all night relate to noise, traffic and alcohol consumption. In Washington DC, where city officials are debating the advantages of , some politicians and residents oppose the idea as they think it will also lead to an increase in crime.
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    A New York Stock Exchange subsidiary announced this morning that it will invest $6 million to expand its software operation here to 200 employees, and Bloomberg LP – the financial information firm founded by the mayor – just posted its first full-time reporter in Belfast.
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    At its core, I love the Stock Market Game for all of the lessons it teaches and for raising investing awareness and financial literacy at a time when too few schools even try to pique the interests of students in such important subjects.
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    “I don’t mean to belittle the question, but you’re not going to give someone else the ball, and that’s why you see, even in a gale or a hurricane, people take the ball,” Coughlin said. “It’s because, quite frankly, you don’t have enough opportunities. You’re only going to get an average of 11 drives per game.”
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    The non-partisan Cook Political Report rates the Wyoming Senate race as “solid Republican,” meaning there’s little chance for a Democrat.

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    19.56 VT footage of Ben getting a visited from his uncle George Cohen who was right-back in England’s 1966 World Cup-winning team. “Don’t come home without a trophy,” says Uncle George. No pressure.
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    Police were to claim later that community elders had requested a low police presence in the area and they did not want to appear heavy-handed. But the result was mob rule. And years later, Greater Manchester Police did own up to

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    The Problem: The FDA reports that more than 140,000 Americans are infected each year with the salmonella bacteria from eating eggs. Approximately 30 die. Often the shell is contaminated by animal waste or some other environmental source. Becker said that if the eggs aren’t treated properly at the site where they are produced, the contamination is transferred to your kitchen.
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    He leapt onto his stricken opponent with a flurry of blows before referee Dan Miragliotta stopped the contest.
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    Ricky, an apprentice painter and decorator, said:

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    The Rev. Charles Kanai saw the impact on the fighting troops. He served 10 months in where he was the only Catholic chaplain for 28 forward operating bases.
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    People are increasingly frustrated that decisions taken further and further away from them mean their living standards are slashed through enforced austerity or their taxes are used to bail out governments on the other side of the continent.
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    WILLIAMS:That’s hypocrisy, because that guy is rich.
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    But Harvard and Yale don’t occupy quite the same central social perch as Oxbridge, whose graduates account for 78% of Britain’s High Court judges, 42% of its top politicians and 56% of its senior journalists, according to education charity the Sutton Trust.
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    “We are pleased that Raytheon has selected AGI’s precision geometry engine to aid the important mission of allowing our wind farms and radar systems to coexist without hindering national security,” says Peter Sardella, AGI vice president of Services.
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    And there is still the chance of saving thousands of pounds by beating the stamp duty holiday.
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    The more you know Artest, the more sensitive you realize he is. He wants to be liked and appreciated. He wants to do well and fit in. Not with everyone or in any setting. But with those he admires. On this team, that list includes every player or coach with a championship ring.
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    Vick hit Jackson for a 25-yard touchdown and Brent Celek for a 28-yard score, then found the end zone himself on a 3-yard run

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    08.23 Governor Mark Carney is due before the Treasury Select Committee at 10am to answer questions on the Bank of England’s latest inflation report. When Mr Carney presented the report two weeks ago, he declared that one didn’t need to be an optimist to see that the glass was half full.
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    Across the country, we are seeing efforts to repeal advances in clean energy. In Ohio, a proposal to repeal the state

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    “So we have fewer 15-year-olds now performing at high levels in reading than we did in the year 2000.”
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    “I often say the euro is more than only a currency. We shouldn’t forget this in these weeks and months in which we work for the strengthening of the euro,” Merkel told reporters at the Chancellery in Berlin.
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    Three goals in 12 minutes put City firmly in control before Ryan Bertrand scored a late second for Chelsea.
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    But the Broncos failed to record a first down the rest of the half, allowing the Bills to shake off two missed field goals by Rayner in the first quarter.
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    “It was definitely exciting to go out there and get ready and get the feet wet in the first game,” Robinson said. “I think we came together well as a team. Our main goal was to just come out and get rid of them early. I think we did a good job of that.”
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    “There are a lot of guys who can come and play in the league,” Treliving said. “But to have success and win is a different story.”Dragic accelerates his game since break
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    Lewis was intercepted on Duke’s opening possession of the second half, and minutes later, Wake’s Brandon Pendergrass scored on a two-yard run to give the Demon Deacons a 19-7 edge.
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    “My mother, my father, my stepfather, they are good people,” he said. “They are givers, they’re positive. They take care of anybody and everybody. And yes, I had tons of examples in front of me of what not to do, of how not to live my life and what not to be. But I never have to go test the waters by myself.”
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    The Obama administration is being strategically brilliant.
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    Foles finished a long first-quarter scoring drive with a 4-run and threw scoring passes of 12 and 36 yards to . He also heaved a 47-yarder to and threw 44 yards to Cooper to set up his second TD pass to Jackson.

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    The North, angered by UN sanctions sparked by its nuclear test in February and joint South-US military drills, has stoked tensions for months with blistering threats of nuclear war against Seoul and Washington.
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    Is it a pool umbrella or a work of modern art? The Frontgate catalog would have you believe its Frou Frou Parasol is both, all for the not-so-small price of $5,495. Yes, a pool accessory that can cost more than some pools (well, at least the aboveground kind).
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    “He’s got to get more involved (starting in Game 4 Sunday),” Boston coach said. “He’s got to play better. No doubt, this will be a very difficult series to win without Paul being more aggressive.”

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    Defense added 25.7 expected points on defense in its 48-7 win against . Entering the game, Wyoming averaged 33.6 points and 492 yards per game but was held to seven points and 210 yards against the Broncos. They had four turnovers and three failed fourth-down attempts in the game.

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    Riley was referring to Wade, James and Bosh, who combined to score all 26 of the Heat’s points in the fourth quarter to put away the Bulls. It was essentially a continuation of how Miami rallied in Game 4 to win in overtime on Tuesday after that same “big three” scored all 16 of Miami’s points in the extra period.

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    Reached by phone last night, Quinn (D-Manhattan) declined to comment and referred calls to her spokesman, who also declined to comment.

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    The Bobcats played without Jefferson, their top free agent acquisition this offseason. The 6-10 center re-aggravated his ankle in Charlotte’s loss at Houston on Wednesday night.

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    “They brought all of us in to make the bench a little deeper than it was last year, and I think the guys on the bench know their role,” Sloan said. “So it just fits.”

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    Was he ever.

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    Wimbledon and their supporters are unlikely to be persuaded of anything virtuous within Winkelman and, in 2006, Wimbledon’s spiritual home, did little to ease the tensions.
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    Analysts recently forecast per-share earnings of 47 cents on revenue of $390 million.
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    BECKEL:– is basically dead. It is dead, dead, dead. Anybody who wants to get it — and Republicans are running from it like scolded dogs.
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    “Its awesome. It definitely makes me feel a little bit more comfortable,” said Wilson, the 16th overall pick in the 2012 draft. “Ill be able to settle in a little bit and have the mind-set that Im going to be around and start to get comfortable.”
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    All-Star Rating: Blake Griffin-over-a-car slam dunk. Leave it to the NBA Players Association to throw the perfect party for NBA players. Tasty food, high-profile guests, incredible performances and a massive venue translates into a soiree worthy of the Association’s finest. With all due respect to Newark, we wouldn’t be surprised if Melo decided he would rather be traded to the Lakers after attending this event.

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    “Users don’t even have to trust us. They don’t have to be worried about Silent Circle being coerced into doing wiretapping,” Zimmerman explained.

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    “All credit to Sheikh Mohammed and John Gosden,” said John Ferguson, the racing manager for Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai. “John believed in this horse from the very beginning.”

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    Marc Stein, ESPN.com: Stan Van did a lot for a young Dwyane Wade in Miami’s pre-Shaq days and you can expect him to have a similarly positive (and immediate) influence on Dwight Howard and Rashard Lewis.

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    Revenue lifted from $1.214bn (?759m) in the first quarter of 2011 to $1.221bn (?766m) in the same period this year, while net income grew from $225m (?140m) to $287m (?180m), according to the firm’s filings.

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    The U.S. won the medal race with 104 medals, an 46 were gold. China finished second with 87, followed by Russia with 82. The host nation, Great Britain, earned the third-most golds with 29 and finished fourth in the overall count.Russia kicked off the Sochi 2014 Olympic torch relay in Moscow on Monday (October 7) with famous Russian athletes and Prince Albert of Monaco carrying the flame first as it starts its 123-day trek across the country.
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    Opponents of mandatory shareholder arbitration can also point to specific laws as evidence that Congress intended shareholder claims to be litigated on a classwide basis, including the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act and the Securities Litigation Uniform Standards Act, both of which assume that shareholders will litigate as a class. The Supreme Court, moreover, has not (to my knowledge) suggested diverting shareholder claims to arbitration, even though it has spent a lot of time in the last couple of years tinkering with the mechanics of securities class actions. For that matter, the court

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    Servicemen with combat experience are touting their specialist skills and training to perform hits for drug gangs, and in one case offering to train gang members.
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    It is madness to claim that people so poor that they need welfare payments are at the same time sufficiently well-off to pay income tax. The effect is that people at the bottom of the stack living on benefits who try to get back into work are hit by 20 per cent tax, 11 per cent National Insurance and benefit losses that can add up to amost 100 pence in the pound. It is all very well for the better-off to complain about the disincentive effect of losing 50 per cent of every extra pound they earn, but what about the poor devil at the bottom of the stack who loses 90 per cent?
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