Look da semana: Gwen Stefani

Posted on Dec 6 2012 - 9:12am by admin

Quando todas as it girls, famosas e fashionistas aparecem nos red carpets mais badalados do mundo usando os vestidos femininos (inusitados ou não) da praxe, Gwen Stefani arrasa usando calças e blazer! Foi isso que aconteceu no American Music Awards dia 18 de novembro. Tá certo, não é um blazer qualquer não! É um dos destaques da coleção de outono/inverno 2012 da Balmain. Mas ainda assim.

De inspiração barroca, esse blazer preto e comprido com corte acinturado e “decote” bem profundo está completamente revestido de bordados com motivos art déco em branco e cinza/prata. O modelo tem ainda várias pérolas de brilho matizado formando padrões que contribuem para o design do casaco. Um look de luxo.

Gwen colocou todo o destaque da sua produção nesse blazer, que ela escolheu combinar com umas legging pretas de couro bem simples e uns scarpins clássicos de camurça. Sob o blazer, a it girl usava apenas um top preto bem pequenininho de corte anguloso em jeito de triângulo e sobre o blazer apenas dois colares: um com pingente de crucifixo e outro com pérolas em jeito de terço.

O penteado e a make foram bem simples também. Você já sabe que Gwen não dispensa nem o louro platinado nem o batom vermelho intenso. E essa produção não foi exceção. Ela não desiludiu e usou o seus fios soltos e modelados em ondas bem largas. Um penteado simples que deixou o louro platinado super evidente. Na make, ela combinou os olhos gatinho com o (já esperado) batom vermelho.

Para atuar no palco do American Music Awards, Gwen preferiu usar o mesmo top preto por baixo de uma blusa também preta mais transparente (com uma gola branca) e uma calça de cintura super subida com uma espécie de cinto acetinado. Para rematar: um casaco preto com pequenos crucifixos bordados em prata. Ficou bem legal também.

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    I actually started thinking about the candidates when writing about the of American Airlines. Someone mentioned the airline’s old slogan, “Something special in the air,” and I immediately thought of passengers flailing away with their legs sticking up in the air, as happened during the recent “loose seats” debacle. Not a good look.
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    But no major problems were reported at polling places, Matamoros said, adding that the turnout was high and voting had to be extended an hour to 5 p.m. local time.
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    ? Grandfather existing individual and group plans with respect to new benefit standards, but require these plans to extend dependent coverage to age 26 and prohibit rescissions of coverage. Require grandfathered plans to eliminate lifetime limits on coverage and annual limits on coverage. Require grandfathered plans to eliminate pre-existing condition exclusions.Read more’s health law and its rocky rollout, news of which was sometimes submerged in the past 16 days of struggle.
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    Wendy Piatt, director general of the Russell Group, which represents 24 top universities across the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge, said: “It is important not to lose sight of the bigger picture increased regulation of universities will not tackle the real issues.
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    Sea Org, which reportedly boasts more than 6,000 members, is Scientology

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    France has backed the Syrian rebels since the start of the two-and-a-half-year-old conflict. It is worried that spiraling violence could spill into Lebanon, where about 20,000 French nationals live and many French companies operate.
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    The prime minister has said the PSNI behaved in a brave and restrained way during the recent trouble.
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    Joe is flailing too. And very broke. When Lucy sees him posing at her life drawing class she bolts. Does he think he can do a Lena Dunham and go naked at his age? She switches her allegiance to Mimi and gives her a make-over that turns her into Ernie from Sesame Street.
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    The items were stolen in a series of burglaries at celebrity homes between late 2008 and October in the , according to the warrant. The Times reported that at least $2 million worth of merchandise has been recovered, which might sound like a lot if the list of targets didn’t include Green, Bilson, , Megan Fox, Audrina Patridge and Ashley Tisdale.
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    Afterwards, Mr Johnson, who was in the region for the Tory party conference, told the Guardian that a booming London economy was vital to keep jobs in Middleton, including the 30 employed at McKenna Brothers.
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    By that standard, Brodsky’s performance is a bit more modest. He took in $158,000 between last July and this January.
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    Vienna’s Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, in defence of the pope, told ORF Austrian television on Sunday that Benedict wanted a full probe when former Vienna Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer was removed in 1995 for alleged sexual abuse of a boy.
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    And Moneysupermarket.com forecasts total Christmas spending will top ?22billion this year, with Brits plashing out an average of ?445 per person – up 1.8 per cent on 2011’s figure of ?437. British Retail Consortium economist Richard Lim said two-thirds of households were cautious about spending during the slump.
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    The most deprived seaside towns in England
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    Analysis: Gomez has five home runs with 10 RBIs over his last 11 games.Sep. 27 10:18 PM PT11:18 PM MT12:18 AM CT1:18 AM ET1:18 ET5:18 GMT13:18 CST10:18 PM MST12:18 AM EST12:48 AM VEN9:18 UAE12:18 AM CT-Gomez served his one-game suspension Thursday.
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    “We’re not interested in money or victim judgements,” he said. “And if it was an accident, we’ll accept that.”
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    Unfair challenge on Eden Hazard by Kyle Walker results in a free kick.
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    And, remember, this is all supposed to be in an age of lean startups that can globalize on the cheap…
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    College Board wants more help for illegal immigrants:?The nine states that offer to illegal immigrants are California, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Texas, Utah and Washington. An early version of the story included Oklahoma.
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    He won’t pledge to reverse the child benefit restriction, nor will he take up the calls for any kind of restriction on pensioner entitlements. He prefers universality to means testing. Above all he’s ‘making a rule’ about not committing to anything too soon. He prefers to develop his narrative about a government that is ‘running the country in the interests of a a few at the top’, even though the evidence is weighted in the other direction

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    I place my bet that Social Security will be there for me at a substantial percentage of current purchasing power long before I would have confidence in my 401(k) or my private pension.from the Trust, a growing aging population and a smaller number of tax-paying workers to contribute to the fund are most worrisome.
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    Vietnams former consul general to Guangzhou, China, Duong Danh Dy, said Vietnamese Service that China seemed to soften its stance in dealing with Vietnam during Prime Minister Li’s visit.
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    But for all of his accolades and success, Huynh still remains dedicated to perfecting his craft, one dish at a time.?
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    For something more complicated, the Turkish EMFA has well-established marine credentials despite its low profile in this country. It tailor-makes lights in half the time, and for a better price, than Euroland rivals.
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    Anyway, Reed had been asked this question about a billion times and certainly wasn’t going to indulge this “tad” journalist, as he called me, by trotting out some pat answer. “Who said that?” he said, fixing me with that mantis stare rendered all the more unsettling by his metal framed oblong specs.
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    Andreas Schleicher, the OECD’s influential big thinker on international education, says that western economies have reached a fork in the road. It’s a case of up-skilling or downsizing.
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    Park West actually has relationships with many of the contemporary artists it represents, so you might meet them on the ships. This is an aid to establishing provenance (an artist should know the history of his own work), but several years ago a different cruise ship art purveyor went to prison after making and selling Gicl

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    Social media savvy respondents demonstrate a significant opportunity for foundations to provide social media. Among 30-49 year olds, 81 percent said they would participate if the information was highly credible and of strong quality, and 77 percent said they would participate if it came from a trusted source. Even more telling, a whopping 86 percent of those 50 and older said they would participate if the information was highly credible and of strong quality, and 84 percent would participate if social media came from a trusted source.
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    Another inset showed Catsimatidis posing at an earlier parade with ex-Gov. George Pataki (who’s endorsed Catsimatidis) and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (an early backer of Lhota, his former deputy). Also pictured at a ribbon cutting for one of Catsimatidis’ markets: Former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion Jr., who’s now running for mayor as the nominee of the city Independence Party and lobbied for a waiver to enter the GOP primary too.
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    Craig Forsyth (Derby County) wins a free kick in the defensive half.
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    Mrs Baldwin tells me today she remains convinced of the case for change, worrying that the current system is impeding people in areas of high unemployment from getting on their proverbial bikes and seeking work elsewhere.
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    It’s particularly irresponsible of Diane Abbott to say something like this, implying that “white people” are intent on keeping black people down, since she’s the UK’s most prominent black leader. The mistaken belief among some black Britons that “white people” are all, without exception, anti-black

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    But if you talk to the professionals ?? veterans of countless political wars ?? you begin to detect notes of caution. Could his ??brand?? withstand the scrutiny that would accompany a six-week general election campaign? Would the electorate really entrust him with the keys to No. 10?
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    J.A. Adande, ESPN.com: I’d rank this No. 3 among the 14 NBA finals I’ve covered (1. 1993; 2. 1997.) I’ll remember the back-and-forth in all the games, the uncertainty that surrounded the series, and the fact I’ve never seen the balance of power shift so dramatically, when it looked like the Mavs couldn’t win after the first three games, then seemed as if they couldn’t lose over the last three. And, of course, I’ll remember LeBron. To him it must feel like waiting for the next Olympiad to get his shot at redemption.
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    Its a small sample size, but the Mavs have allowed an average of 111 points per game, the second-most in the NBA this season. Adjusting for pace, the Mavs rank 24th with a defensive rating of 108.6 (points per 100 possessions). Dallas ranked 27th in scoring defense (101.7) and 19th in defensive rating (106.5) last season.
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  208. “We hoped to arrest Qaddafi alive (to try him). Political Correspondent Correspondent, Recruitment and Development Correspondent Correspondent Correspondent White House Correspondent Correspondent National Correspondent Correspondent President, R-Ariz. said Sunday on “Face the Nation” what’s unfolding is “unfortunately a battlefield situation where [President] Bashar Assad now has the upper hand – and it’s tragic – while we sit by and watch”Last week McCain to meet with some of the rebel forces taking on Assad and on President Obama to provide them with arms On Sunday he called the opposition “very tough – they’re battle-hardened They’re very dedicated They are not al Qaeda; they are not extremists””We have some very strong and good people who are fighting for freedom and are being massacred as we speak” McCain said “And remember all this talk we’ve had in the past year or two: It’s inevitable that Bashar Assad will fall Well I think we can’t make that statement today “. Hezbollah has now invaded the Iranians are there Russia is pouring weapons in” he went on “And anyone that believes that Bashar Assad is going to go to a conference in Geneva when he is prevailing on the battlefield it’s just ludicrous to assume that”The administration has shied away from escalating its response to the ongoing violence in Syria despite that chemical weapons were used there in the past few months Mr Obama has insisted he will not act on anything less than categorical evidence making repeated allusions to the inaccurate information that drew the United States into the Iraq WarMcCain – who initially about US military intervention in Syria – said Assad’s “upper hand” is thanks to “increased weapons thanks to Hezbollah fighters thanks to Shia coming in from Iraq [Russia] pouring weapons in” and the “Iranian revolutionary guard” US involvement he argued should center on establishing a safe zone for the rebels “We need to give them a no-fly zone” McCain said “The Israelis have shown us we can take out their facilities from a distance that we don’t have to risk our pilots We can crater their runways we can take out their air assets we can provide them with a safe zone so that the Syrian opposition council outside Syria can come into Syria and coordinate with the military Gen [Salem] Idris and the militia military inside Syria “And we can establish that safe zone” he continued “and I’m confident that we can prevail”Sen Jack Reed D-RI,” he continued. These fans are both loyal and creative about their love for gravy.

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    Raf Simons has not, so far, had a stint in a copywriting agency, but like Christian Dior himself, Simons certainly has ideas about art, which has always informed his work, although perhaps never as playfully as with this charmingly doodled collection of accessories. And how appropriate that Warhol had so much fun with footwear. If any contemporary object has enjoyed more than its 15 minutes of fame it is the shoe

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    We are 18 months into a planned five-year term, yet it is surprising how few people seem to have any idea what Mr Cameron is for or what he believes. Ask around and you will get plenty of praise for his managerial competence, his coolness under fire, the ease with which he understands modern Britain. But those who look for any kind of ideological framework, an irreducible core of the kind Tony Blair banged on about, say they are stumped. Ask ministers from Cabinet down

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    Backbenchers are nervous because they see the Liberal Democrats picking at the ties that bind them to the Coalition. Nick Clegg is pursuing a deliberate strategy of differentiation, to make sure voters notice his party. When, some Tories ask, is David Cameron going to do the same and reveal himself to the voters as a Conservative? When are we going to see some Tory differentiation?

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