Caju Collective conquista New York com seu design

Posted on Jul 30 2012 - 11:12am by admin

Com a ideia de combinar arte, design e moda, um trio de cariocas descolados acabou trocando as praias do Rio de Janeiro pela cosmopolita New York. Se deram bem, serão os primeiros brasileiros a participarem da Indigo, a maior feira de design têxtil dos EUA, nos dias 31 de julho e 1º de agosto. Lá, os integrantes do Caju Collective lançam sua primeira coleção de estampas, que promete impressionar quem tiver a oportunidade de conferir o evento.


caju collective


Dani Moura, Patricia Bomeny e Gustavo Prado iniciaram o projeto do Caju Collective no fim do ano passado e, assim como um cometa, tiveram uma ascendência no mercado super rápida. Em pouco tempo, os designers já conquistaram marcas americanas e brasileiras como Animale, Fábula, Vix Swimwear e LG. E isso é só o começo… É bom ficar de olho neles…


grupo caju collective


E a história do grupo parece ter sido traçada de forma natural, como se o sucesso já fosse destino certo para a ideia de montar o coletivo.
Dani e Patricia já se conheciam e trabalhavam na empresa de estampas La Estampa, onde adquiriram conhecimento e prestaram serviço para renomadas lojas do Brasil como Farm, Cantão, Le Lis Blanc, Maria Filó, Huis Clos e Ipanema, ou seja, não poderia existir um pontapé inicial mais certeiro.


roupas estampadas caju


Com a mudança de Dani para esutdar na School of Visual Arts em NY, as portas para a criação do coletivo foram abertas. Logo Patricia também seguiu o mesmo caminho da amiga… Gustavo foi atrás e o grupo foi formado!

Com um estúdio localizado em Williamsburg, area que faz parte do Brooklyn, o bairro mais hype da cidade, o trio do Caju Collective já mostrou para o que veio. Orgulho Brasil!


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    Gerard Deulofeu, the teenager who is spending the season , marked his first Premier League start with a performance that made absolute wallies out of the team that also tried to sign him.
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    Rapleaf will also employ human and machine based analysis of all feedback to look for patterns that suggest fraud, particularly in boosting a feedback rating. A user can probably get a an extra point or two every few months without being detected. But co-founder Auren Hoffman tells me he

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    “The impact is minimal, because so few people use BitLocker, but it does speak to a friendly relationship between the companies and the government,” he told Mashable.
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    Republicans are adroitly exploiting elder whites fears and prejudices. Commentators like The New Yorkers , The Washington Posts , The Nations and Harvard sociologists Theda Skocpol and Vanessa Williamson (“”) variously note an alarming trend: Todays elderly regard themselves as uniquely entitled to government support and .
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    “Yeah, Im a little busy doing budget negotiations right now,” said Ryan. “My problem is my day job pretty much keeps me full-time busy, so I apologize.”
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    Hosting rally at Arapahoe High School
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    The theory is that each bill would pass with a different coalition: Some Democratic members will feel compelled to vote for legislation to get to conference; some lawmakers will have the political compulsion to support border security; others want more visas for high-tech companies.
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    The framework wont be unveiled until Tuesday, but House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) peeled back the curtain Monday night in a

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    Eye-tracking techniques are also likely to be useful in studying other aspects of dogs’ cognitive processing, such as memory skills and reasoning abilities, said Topal, who is an associate professor in the Comparative Behavior Research Group at the Institute for Psychological Researches, , in Budapest.
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    After the Allen County Council voted Thursday to give county elected officials and employees 2 percent salary increases in 2014, Councilman Tom Harris, R-2nd, said he did not want the raise. Council members receive $15,475 annually, so the increase would be $309.50 for each council member.
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    The emails, obtained through a public records request, offer a rare glimpse into a process that takes place from state capitols to the halls of Congress, where decisions are made in private long before anything shows up in legislation or is debated in public forums.
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    Saying he’s looking for a “new, efficient style of leadership” at a time when the double-whammy of the mortgage and economic crises continue to wreck havoc on the nation’s homeowners, Obama formally announced his selection of Donovan in his weekly radio/YouTube address.
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    “Theres a really gritty, well-written episode that deals with abortion, contraception, and the possibility of being in charge of your own body,” adds Agutter. “All those things one is coming to in the Sixties that we didnt have in the Fifties. There were often families with eight, nine children, and children were dying really easily. You forget what a big change it made to all our lives. Women have so much more freedom now.”
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    Mr Obama appeared briefly before reporters to voice his support for the remove, saying that Republican use of the filibuster had got “completely out of hand” and was stopping progress on everything from the economy to gun control.
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    Formed in the 1960s, the FARC is believed to have about 9,000 members and is the oldest active guerrilla army in the Western Hemisphere.
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    That is despite an influx of Han Chinese, who make up the majority of Chinas population, into Jinghong. The water-splashing festival is when the Dai assert their difference from the Han, who celebrate New Year in late January or early February. Nevertheless, the festival has become enormously popular with Han Chinese tourists, who flock into Jinghong to get soaked alongside the locals and foreigners.
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    Any new agreement is would not take effect until 2021, Blackmun said, “so there’s really no sense of urgency, although it’s clearly something that we both would like to see happen sooner rather than later.”
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    “He wasn’t as sharp as he was the first time we faced him,” Beltran said. “But guys like that, the best guys in the game, they’re able to regroup and find a way to help their team win.”
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    Copyright 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.Diavolo explores diverse movement
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    Now, as it happens, I have a lot of sympathy with those public figures who feel that the press sometimes takes an unduly prurient interest in their private lives. Unless their behaviour impinges directly on their public responsibilities or unless, say, it reveals them to be an abject hypocrite (eg an MP who urged for lots of socially conservative legislation but then turned out to be a coke-snorting rent-boy enthusiast), then I’m not sure it’s really any of our business. That’s why, for example, I once wrote
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    ‘Rush’ Star, Chris Hemsworth Reveals How Brother, Liam is Doing after Split from Miley Cyrus [PHOTOS]Full article
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    In the digital IT world, businesses do not even have to compensate for transportation costs, which magnifies the living cost advantage of emerging market IT workers. Moreover, infrastructure and capital investments for IT operations are relatively low, making it easy to set up shop in non-Western countries.
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    “Our system of security can’t work if folks who have access to classified information are allowed willy-nilly on their own to decide what to leak, so the young man’s going to have to be prosecuted,” Messer said.
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    The United States counters that the practice is the equivalent of “monetary mercantilism” — an unofficial subsidy that enables China to grab market share for exports that it would not otherwise if the yuan was allowed to float freely.
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    Noble’s works are of detailed drawings showing fictional metropolis Nobson Newtown, which has a dark satirical narrative unfolding in the pictures.
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    However, he also said WHO is prepared for an influx of cases following Ramadan and Hajj: “There could well be cases on return from the Middle East, so we are working with all countries that pilgrims might be coming from.
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    Not far from WCL is , a two-and-a-half-year-old nightclub in a space that was once a 19th-century insane asylum. More recently, The Blockley was the home of The Chestnut Club, a popular venue in the 1980s and 90s for iconic acts such as The Ramones, Violent Femmes, Iggy Pop, De La Soul, Nirvana and the Dave Matthews Band. With a small stage, wide dance floor and well-stocked bar, the Blockleys young, party atmosphere is perfect for a mix of alt rock, hip hop, electronic and rap shows, where local artists and regional/national acts play the 700-person, (primarily) standing-room-only space. (from local electronic jam band ) and Inspectah Deck of Wu-Tang Clan played recently, while nostalgia is kept alive with monthly performances by Splinters Sunlight, Phillys most popular Grateful Dead tribute band.
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    Astonishingly, after two years calling himself Claire he now realises it was a huge mistake and is living as A MAN again.
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    “A good understanding of the effects of any given invasive species on other species cannot omit looking at the positive effects, which might have knock-on effects on other species of that same ecosystem,” he says.
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    Produced from the sap of the coconut palm’s flower buds, coconut palm sugar has a glycaemic index rating of 35, much lower than refined sugar.
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    ‘Unique situation’
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    Indiana built the advantage back up to 41-25 early in the second quarter following Murphy’s 3-pointer. The Mavericks answered with a 14-2 run to cut the deficit to four points with 5:09 left in the half, but the Pacers regained a 62-53 advantage heading into the break.
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    It’s the community’s diary, its photo album, its chronicle of present-day history. And because he rigorously eschews generalizations in his analysis, he perceptively distinguished between those papers and big-city papers.
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    said Thursday city officials are closely eying the progression of the Category 3 storm as it batters and prepares to steam up the U.S. Eastern seaboard.
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    For more information, please visit their official website .For the first time ever the European Parliament has voted to create a dedicated budget line for wind energy research and development. Following today’s vote, wind energy R&D should have its own ‘symbolic’ 1 million Euros EU budget line for 2012. “With this vote, the Parliament recognises that wind energy R&D needs its own budget line. It reinforces the value that investing in wind energy has to society in driving down the costs of a secure, reliable renewable energy system with huge job creation prospects.”
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    Look for the neon green cross which denotes all French pharmacies or, even better, a shop sign saying “Para Pharmacy” the name for a non-dispensing pharmacy which specialises in cosmetics to scoop up these serious skincare goodies. Pharmacies can be found on most high streets, and the chain has a great, and wide, selection of skincare brands and has branches throughout Paris. Or for a bargain head to City Pharma (26 Rue du Four, 75006; 01-46-33-20-81) in Saint Germain which has extensive stock and some of the lowest prices in the capital.
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    – Allows you to edit out just selected bits of your browser’s history.
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    “After six years together, they have recently decided to formalise their separation.
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    Conference outlook: Last season the Atlantic 10 had a coming-out party

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    The Eagles will interview Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden on Monday. The team already has interviewed seven candidates since firing Andy Reid on Dec. 31, and has permission to speak to two other coordinators.
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    T.J. Yeldon was suspended for the opening quarter and finished with seven carries for 49 yards for Alabama.
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    COUNTDOWN: PROJECTING THE FIELD OF 68The first word: Counting out San Diego State is never a good idea.
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    Your browser does not support iframes.
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    Money:?A timeline showing events from the past 15 years at Hewlett-Packard published June 30 included incorrect images for the company co-founders.
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    Star Watch: Beamon will be the team’s top player. Joining him will be Brown (11.4 ppg, 7.2 rpg), last year’s leading scorer and a wrecking force on the boards, as well as Alvarado, a guard looking to have a better season after averaging 8.4 points a game last season. Former Maryland player Pankey should fit in nicely, especially considering Manhattan’s offensive gaps last season. Other top players coming back include Donovan Kates, Emmy Andujar, Shane Richards and RaShawn Stores.
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    “Ghost Factories” was produced by reporters Alison Young and Peter Eisler and a newsroom-wide team of visual, database and digital journalists. The project resulted in government evaluations of more than 460 sites across the country.
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    Mr Ampatuan’s son of the same name has already been charged with murder over the attack on a rival political family and journalists travelling with them.
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    Why Rolex is unconcerned about Samsung

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    “I’m not a testing type of guy. I’m a basketball player,” Sullinger said Monday in New Orleans. “If I’m so robotic in testing or I couldn’t do the testing because I wasn’t robotic enough, I apologize to everybody that thinks I didn’t do well. That’s just me. I’m a basketball player. I know how to play with a basketball.”

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    These numbers are fairly impressive. Extrapolated out to a full season, they put Shumpert in some good company.
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    Great seeing him become a valuable contributor last season. RT : 212: Brandan Wright ().
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    This, of course, puts them in an awkward position given that they

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    Gen. OdlanierMena, 87, shot himself in the head in a stairwell outside his home in Chile’s capital Santiago.
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    There is also more competition for this food from an aggressive invasive species, the mackerel, which has been drawn north to southern Iceland by the warmer water temperatures. The result is fewer sand eels leaving the puffins with less food to be able to successfully breed and then subsequently feed both themselves and their chicks.
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    Roman Modrowski is a senior editor for — Frank Vogel had evidently thought it through and it sure sounded good hours before Game 5 of the Indiana Pacers’ first-round series with the Chicago Bulls.
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    Edwin Evers (10.3%)

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    Within weeks of the blast, a revolution swept that government from office. But now, a year and half later, Amal is being asked to choose a new president — either an Islamist or a member of the old government.
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    Don’t miss: Tea and cheesecake, made according to “Grandma’s recipe,” at Cafe am Finkenherd, located in three adjacent historical half-timbered homes near the collegiate church.
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    When Romelu was being reviled on Twitter for missing the Super Cup ?penalty, I said he was still Chelsea

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    “I would also like to thank the public for their tremendous response to this so far.
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    The forcesaid all officers and staff were being reminded of their legalresponsibilities.
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    He said:

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    A Broadway production will open next year, with an Australian show expected to follow.
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    Bosses at Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) launched the so-called

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    This is the first game of the campaign involving two of the Premiership

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    Corner taken by Hatem Ben Arfa from the right by-line.
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    The 38-year-old Mundine improved to 45-5 with 26 knockouts at Homebush in western Sydney. Mundine was leading 58-56 on two cards and 60-55 on the third.

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    For the first time since the Lakers finished their dreadful 2-3 trip, the idea of seeing this team together for the foreseeable future actually seemed like good news after they ran Utah off the court.

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    Last season, Oklahoma allowed nearly 26 points per game, its most under Stoops. The Sooners finished the season ranked 64th in total defense and 90th in rush yards per game.
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    To address this problem, countries across Europe have been working on strategies and policies to become more resource-efficient. When responding to the survey, countries cited several reasons for attempting to become more resource efficient, including concerns about environmental degradation, economic reasons or shortages of a critical resource such as water.
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    “So what we do, as we have done in the past, is go home and find out what we can do better and have our kids play more consistently. I’m not sure that if we played better the score would have been a whole lot different. The defense could not stop them and our offense couldn’t move the ball at all.”
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    Once you complete these steps, however, the outcome is pretty remarkable. The concept is like that of in that your objective is typically to direct the recipient of a message in one fashion or another. Except that Reframe It is entirely text-based, and is exclusive to members.
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    HSBC chief China economist Hongbin Qu said the data confirmed that the Chinese economy

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    “So I don’t think we discuss it as a business investment,” Miller says. “We discuss it about our responsibility as the leader in football to do the right thing for the right reasons.”
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    Despite losing their opening game of the season against Aston Villa, Arsenal have reeled off eight successive wins – the latest coming in the penalty shoot-out win over West Bromwich Albion in the League Cup.
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    __spr_config = pid: ‘4e52e96cc2b21921a1000007’, title: ‘Global Wind Market Shows Long-term Growth’, ckw: ‘market research,Wind Power,wind turbines’, no_slide: false, slide_logo: true, pub: ‘2011-08-30 22:00:26’, url: ‘’, header: ‘NEAT GREEN TECH NEWS’ ; var content = document.getElementById(‘simplereach-slide-tag’).parentNode, loc; if (content.className) loc = ‘.’ + content.className; if ( loc = ‘#’ +; __spr_config.loc = loc content; (function() var s = document.createElement(‘script’); s.async = true; s.type = ‘text/javascript’; s.src = document.location.protocol + ‘//’; __spr_config.css = document.location.protocol + ‘//’; (document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0] document.getElementsByTagName(‘body’)[0]).appendChild(s); )(); Source:According to (GWEC), the international market for wind power is expected to add 40 gigawatts (GW) of capacity in 2011. The study forecasts an annual growth rate of 18.2%, considered a safe assessment when comparing to the 28% cumulative growth over the previous ten years. Last October, we reported that the organization estimates that .
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    According to a Reuters report, because of his age he is almost certain to be allowed to stay out of prison, making either house arrest or community service the most likely ways that he will serve his sentence.Sami Hyypia has revealed he would relish the chance to manage Liverpool at some point in his career as the former defender continues to be a success at Bayer Leverkusen.
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    Another tidbit to emerge from the Newsnight green room was that the real flies in the ointment during the negotiations between Labour and the Lib Dems were the leadership candidates in the Labour negotiation team

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    There are ECB bank stress tests on the horizon and very unpopular decisions on “banking union” looming. Meanwhile southern European countries, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Cyprus continue to suffer the economic strangulation that has followed in the wake of Mrs Merkel’s policies.
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    Then, somehow, the situation was rescued. I sat in front of the television, spellbound, as Brown gave his second, real resignation speech. Was this a dream? Were we really seeing the back of New Labour after 13 years? Less than 90 minutes later, there was David Cameron, addressing the nation as our new Prime Minister and with what looked like a pretty workable plan to keep himself in office in his back pocket. The relief began to flood through me like a pain-killing narcotic. I became dizzy, almost drunk, as the anxiety began to ebb away.
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    Like many Celtic fans, Mr Connell has been angered by Mr Salmond’s decision to crack down on sectarianism, a move which may well lead to the banning of many traditional Old Firm match-day songs. But, despite his fury over the SNP’s moves on this issue, he hasn’t made up his mind just yet.
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