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Nesse tempo frio que cada vez mais se aproxima, as tendências são muitas, mas não necessariamente é preciso ter todos os tipos de peça dentro do armário, alguns looks da moda podem ser montados por poucas peças em variações bem diferenciadas, utilizando um terninho ou um blazer feminino esses looks podem ficar ainda mais inovados.


blazer fucsia e calça cropped


Para começar separe uma calça jeans, uma blusa colorida, uma blusa branca, uma saia bem atual, como as saias altas, ou as longas, um blazer feminino ou um terninho e uma bermuda, não muito curta.


blazer comprido

Os acessórios são livres, colares, brincos, relógios, bolsas, cintos, todos podem ser muito bem usados na composição desses looks da moda.


bermuda e blazer

Pensando em um dia de sol, a bermuda e a blusa colorida ficam lindas juntas, com uma bolsinha bem delicada, o visual já estpa mais do que pronto, para um dia assim também é possível combinar a saia com a blusinha branca, um cinto para modelar a cintura e mais uma vez a bolsa pode entrar em cena.


blazer floral

Se o dia estiver frio, a calça jeans pode ser usada acrescentando a blusinha branca com o blazer ou terninho por cima, ou mesmo com a blusao colorida, se o casaco não for estampado, perceba que todas as peças podem ser recombinadas entre si, não deixe de abusar dos acessórios e use a criatividade.


blazer com maxi bolsa

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    “That’s what he does,” Green said. “Their whole defense does that. That’s the character of their defense.”

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    Kershaw blamed himself, but nobody else in the room seemed to be blaming anybody aside from the Cardinals pitching and the collective lack of response to it. Without Ramirez, the Dodgers just got beaten by a better team, or at least a better pitching staff, and most people seemed to feel that way.

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    “I was away from the game for eight months with an injury, and it was the worst eight months of my life, so I can imagine what he had to go through,” said Heat forward , who missed most of the 2010-11 season to recover from foot surgery. “You always want to root for a guy like that who has put in the work and could have given up over and over again, but he hasn’t.”

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    Even with on board, Dunleavy is somehow managing to find minutes. In his past six games, he’s averaging 10.3 points and 1.8 3s. Mavs, Heat and (of late) opponents all pile up the triples, so Dunleavy could contribute in a deep league of at least 14 teams.

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    Cedric Simmons (to Cleveland) PLAYERS ADDED PLAYERS LOST

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    Next up: Sunday’s All-Star Game. We’ll be back with more breakdowns and observations. See you then!In case you were busy trying to find a Blue Moon for Mila Kunis, here’s the best of the email and Gchat fodder you missed from the sports world and beyond.

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    His entertaining diaries detailing those farcical and often nasty months of infighting in 2003 would reward close study by those tempted to see similarities in the renewed speculation surrounding David Cameron

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    , who works for Borough President and is his representative on the NYCERS board, defended his $22,000 in travel bills as an important way of “staying educated” about investment practices.

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