Os looks do Lollapalooza

Posted on Apr 9 2012 - 10:40pm by admin

O festival Lollapalooza teve a sua primeira edição brasileira, e claro, como todo festival de música, também teve muito look bacana desfilado.

Algumas famosas compareceram, mostrando que sabem montar uma produção fashion e ao mesmo com roupas confortáveis para curtir um bom show.

Thaila Ayala, por exemplo, optou por um jeans rasgado, botas e t-shirt. Um look com uma pitada rock de leve.


thaila ayala roupas


Já Mariana Weickert fez o estilo desencanada. Camisa jeans e vestidinho preto. Simples e cool.


mariana weickert roupas


Carol Castro apostou no velho e bom short jeans + camiseta. Não tem como errar!


carol castro roupas


Mayana Moura usou um duo básico jeans escuro e camiseta preta, mas para adicionar um pouco mais de glamour caprichou no make.


mayana moura roupas


Laura Neiva foi fofa, jeans e blusinha básica com havaianas. Simplicidade.


laura neiva look lollapalooza


A cantora Pitty usou um shortinho e botas cowboy.


pitty roupas


Mariana Rios também foi na mesma vibe e apostou no jeans e camiseta.


mariana rios look lollapalooza

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    These painters, carpenters, sculptors, welders and engineers bring fantastical ideas

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    Still, Patterson says it’s reassuring to see that increasing Plavix doses appears safe. Preventing blood clots in a stent ?? mesh scaffolds used to prop open clogged arteries ?? is “a life or death issue,” Patterson says.
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    Rights trump elections
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    In short: Petworth Citizen is brand new, so lower your expectations about service and speed, and don’t expect that they’ll have everything they promised. But if the happy multi-generational crowd last night is a preview, it won’t take long for Petworth Citizen to become a community fixture.-1.66% with approximately 9.64 percent of the outstanding common stock of the Company, today issued the following statement regarding Vivus’ announcement that it has added a director to its now seven person Board of Directors.
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    Coun Andy Kelly, who heads up the Rochdale Liberal Democrats, added:

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    Harbaugh said the chances of Osemele playing the rest of the season “are probably pretty slim.”
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    First posted October 12, 2013 09:54:00Michael Cathcart has been a Radio National listener for as long as he can remember. He joined the ABC in 2000 as the presenter of Arts Today, later presenting the Famous Radio National Quiz and Bush Telegraph, and now Books & Arts Daily.
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    Brynn Levy: That’s the tricky part from a pre-natal aspect.
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    It is the first time since Phil Waugh won in 2001 that a Waratah has claimed the top gong.
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    Mr Van Heerden accused the medical staff surrounding Mr Mandela of curtailing the frail statesman’s freedom by imposing unnecessarily tough restrictions on visits.
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    Since then, research has revealed increased incidences of motor neurone disease in people who live near lakes subject to frequent cyanobacterial blooms, among consumers of contaminated shellfish.
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    Despite his refusals to be hazed, Bryant ultimately was the victim of an expensive trick. His effort to take a few teammates to dinner turned into what became practically a team dinner — and a tab of $55,000 at a Dallas steakhouse.
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    I got thrown into the waves on my days off. I surf on occasion, and I paddle a lot, and I get munched a lot. I??ll go to Hawaii for any means. I??ve kind of fallen deeply in love with Hawaii. The ocean, but also the people are pretty extraordinary.

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    Allen said of that brief tangle, “I don’t know what Odom was thinking. I got the rebound and he tackled me. I know this is Sunday, but this is the wrong field.”

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    Butler coach Brandon Miller is in his first year at the helm, replacing Brad Stevens, who moved on to the Boston Celtics. But he also played for the Bulldogs from 1999 to 2003, so he has a good sense of the school’s history.

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    When the 25th Breeders’ Cup World Championships convene two days of racing gluttony Friday and Saturday at Santa Anita, fans and handicappers alike can look down the row and say, “I’ll take that one … and that one … and that one …”

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    Pierce and Artest set a resonant tone for the first quarter, which featured 18 personal fouls and 20 free throws, 12 by Boston. The Lakers took a 50-41 halftime lead, but Rondo kept the Lakers close with 10 points, including a buzzer-beating jumper.

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    House missed for Boston, both teams committed silly offensive fouls in the closing seconds, and when the final horn sounded, the Lakers could finally relax.

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    “You’ve got a dominant player, let him be dominant,” Howard said.

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    Shares of China Everbright Bank Ltd. /quotes/zigman/2339174 0.00% ?climbed 2.1% in Shanghai, and those of New China Life Insurance Co. /quotes/zigman/7571894 -1.65% ?advanced 2.9% in Hong Kong, following news that Central Huijin Investment Ltd., a key state-owned shareholder in major Chinese banks and financial firms, had increased its stake in the two firms.
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    “Most of them I had already met through the SNCC,” Holsaert says of the civil rights figures. “Whether we were male or female, we were seen as the ‘bad boys’ of the civil rights movement, but I don’t think we were arrogant or disrespectful. But we weren’t awestruck by being at a table with them.”
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    “The mayors reform plan has a very limited perspective and a very naive approach to civil service reform, he said. “The outcome of it is particularly skewed, and you have 300,000 employees in the city of New York that did not have a voice in any way.”
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    Willow general manager Debra Rubin, like chef OGrady at the restaurant, is an alumna of Kinkeads. Rubin began as a server in 1994 but was a manager by the time she left Kinkeads a decade later. She remembers the place always being busy, sometimes crowded with politicians and celebrities such as Sen. Ted Kennedy and Mikhail Baryshnikov. It was no coincidence that Kinkeads packed them in, Rubin says.
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    A Treasury minister has said abolishing air passenger duty could cost up to ?3bn and would be irresponsible.
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    Philadelphia is looking to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 2001 and is trying to become the first No. 8 seed to reach the conference finals since the Knicks in the lockout-shortened 1999 season.

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    The Browns surrendered a combined 363 yards to , and in their last three games. Bernard totaled 75 yards on 16 touches against them earlier this season.

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    Cleveland set up a clear-out play for James, who drove the right side and was tripped in the lane by Pietrus with .5 seconds to play.

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    The Thunder dont have Miamis South Beach or the trappings of a big city like Chicago, but they do have Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and the most exciting young team in the league.The deadline to withdraw from the NBA draft came and went at 5 p.m. ET on Monday. Earlier today, Gonzaga’s , Wake Forest’s , St. Mary’s and Kentucky’s announced they were staying in the draft. A few others, including UCLA’s , DePaul’s , Israel’s , and Spain’s , made their entry into the draft official this weekend.

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    Attempt saved. Paris Cowan-Hall (Wycombe Wanderers) right footed shot from the centre of the box is saved in the top right corner.
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    The national poll of likely Latino voters indicated that 73 percent of them approved of Obama

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    Well actually we believe that the people that are buying these guns are current owners of weapons so we don’t believe.
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    Meanwhile, technology revenue grew 13 percent to $119 million, driven by strong sales growth in ClearPath enterprise software and servers.
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    Bush’s 37-yard touchdown run helped Detroit score 27 points in the second quarter and he accounted for 173 yards of offense to help the Lions beat Chicago 40-32 Sunday.
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    Nash said “a lot of different things” have been bothering him. He is not playing Tuesday night against Winnipeg but said he already had skated on his own “a few times” last week and that his condition is “definitely (headed) in the right direction, and thats a big positive.”
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    The bus driver and a passenger were killed and two others wounded, one seriously, in the bloodshed, German police said.
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    Speaking to reporters outside the Harvard Club in Manhattan this afternoon, Paterson said he will consider bringing back his former secretary, who resigned in the wake of a tax scandal last fall.
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    The partys two biggest donors last year were state Senate Republicans and one of the GOP conferences key allies, the Real Estate Board of New York, records show.
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    But he’s got flaws, both on and off the court. And some of those flaws are being exposed as the expiration date for his career in Denver draws closer by the hour.Carmelo Anthony’s status for Tuesday’s home game against the Detroit Pistons is still undecided.
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    The Trail Blazers and the Rockets are meeting in the playoffs for the third time. Houston won the first two series 3-1 in 1987 and 1994. … The Rockets have won every Game 1 against the Blazers. Portland is 19-1 when Game 2 is played in Portland. … McMillan also used Przybilla and Oden together in a game against the Celtics in December. … Actor Timothy Hutton was among the fans at the game. … Roy’s 42 points are tied for second most by a Blazers in the playoffs. had 45 in a game against Dallas in 2003, the last time Portland went to the postseason. … Yao is 11-for-11 from the free throw line over the first two games of the series.PORTLAND, Ore. — was so sick he could barely make it through shootaround.

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    Felder never publicly acknowledged he was in the hunt for the job, but also never denied he was very much interested in it – and had been for some time.Maybe if teenscould make them, they wouldn’t steal them.

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    Melo heating up: came out aggressive, scoring 26 points and hitting 11 of 15 shots. He drilled two 3-pointers, both coming late in the second quarter, to pull the Knicks to within one point at the half.

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    “Me and Chauncey used to go nuts over there,” Paul said. “That’s a huge responsibility to put on guys if they haven’t been in that situation a lot. [] was trying and working as hard as he could but that’s usually not the situation he’s in, but it was a great learning experience for him.”

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    In his first speech last week since taking over at MI5 Mr Parker did not specifically name Snowden or the Guardian.

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    According to Anthony King, professor of British government at the University of Essex, milk is a “shorthand or way of expressing succinctly that a politician is out of touch”. But why milk and bread? Do these specifically define the average person in 2013 Britain?

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    He gave the example of Addenbrooke’s teaching hospital in Cambridge, which recently had a few cases of MRSA in its neo-natal ward. Samples of the bacteria were sent to the Sanger Institute, which sequenced them in real time and identified that they were the same strain as each other, and that therefore there was a single source of the infection

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    Qualified candidates will have either D32/D33/A1 or TAQA and have experience delivering full Apprenticeship frameworks out in the workplace. For all candidates it is essential that you have excellent communication skills as well as the ability to work independently and manage your own time.

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    “Sure, sure, sure,” beams Lynch at this suggestion. “Absolutely. The industrial thing I love.” Lynch plays guitar and sings, sometimes in his own voice, sometimes in a voice altered by a vocoder machine, “or using this strange thing like whats the guys name?” wonders Lynch. “Oh shoot, the famous guitar player that speaks with a tube in the guitar?” Peter Frampton?

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    La Rue was perhaps the only man to take over a womans role in a West End show, replacing Avis Bunnage in Oh What a Lovely War! He was highly popular as a pantomime “dame” and “ugly sister” even though he looked exactly like a glamorous woman. He starred in Aladdin, Mother Goose and The Sleeping Beauty. “Of course there was nothing ugly about me”, he recalled. “I had to express all the nastiness through character, which is where my acting talent comes in.”

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    There was also a performance by beat-box artist Beardyman, who continued the self-congratulatory tone by telling the audience they were the most intelligent he’d ever met, something which, by this point, some of them were starting to believe. These people think they can change the world with a few lines of JavaScript

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    In strict military terms British commanders believe they are winning their battle with Taliban insurgents, the big problem is the lack of follow through from the Afghan authorities once the Taliban have been defeated, a subject that is likely to dominate Mr Miliband’s trip.. So, right on cue, .

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    EACH AND EVERY MONTH AND YOU SAY PULL IT BACK TO 70, WE CRASH. It’s ultimate authority. But there’s a political message being sent here — that message is that the military can not afford to tolerate. and while undergoing chemotherapy, he fainted and his heart briefly stopped. occasionally even death from treatment of tiny tumors that never would have killed them. Only a biopsy can tell. a specially created “Transformers” song by the band Cheap Trick and a flyover by a formation of private jets an experience that one blogger described as having “rocked our faces off! The film and characters grew out of a line of Hasbro toys first released in the early 1980s.

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    Of course, if Ed wins today, none of this matters. But it’s hard to believe this was just five years ago

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    For all Mr Rouhani’s hints at the UN last week that Iran is prepared to take a more constructive approach in negotiations over its nuclear programme, the issue that is really driving Mr Rouhani to seek better relations is the damaging effect sanctions are having on the Iranian economy. To this end Iran has set up a series of clandestine network in turkey, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates to evade UN sanctions.

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