Biquínis estilo retrô são um charme

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Os biquínis estilo retrô, com modelagem mais comportada e totalmente diferente do que estamos acostumados a ver nas praias brasileiras realmente chegaram para ficar! A modelagem mais comportada, que fica bem em todo tipo de corpo caiu nas graças das mulheres do hemisfério norte primeiramente, e agora encontrou espaço por aqui.
Estilistas renomados colocaram nas passarelas biquínis deste modelo e a febre pegou de vez.


biquíni retrô charme


Algumas celebridades estão constantemente desfilando pelas praias com os seus. Como a Katy Perry, Florence Welch e Taylor Swift, esta última que ficou deslumbrante com uma peça desenhada por Marc Jacobs e que se tornou o must have desse verão.


biquíni retrô de poá


A cintura mais alta e calcinha mais larga são perfeitas para esconder os excessos e modelar o corpo.
Para aquelas que querem aderir à tendência sem abrir mão da marquinha de biquíni, conseguem encontrar facilmente modelagens menores, e com a mesma carinha de nostalgia.


biquíni retrô modelagem


Outro ponto positivo é que, para as mulheres mais criativas, esse estilo é um convite para tentar novos acessórios e completar o look retrô, como óculos grandes, chapéus, saídas de praia e sandálias.


biquíni retrô Taylor Swift


Cores alegres, estampas diferentes e inspiradas nos anos 60 e 70, deixam as produções charmosas e divertidas. Polka dots, listras estilo navy, laços, botões estrategicamente posicionados e babados definem os biquínis retrô!
Procurando pelas lojas online você encontrará facilmente um modelo perfeito pra você. E então, os biquínis estilo retrô te animam para pegar uma praia ou não?

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    Millsap is a bit lower than I thought he’d be. Can’t argue too much with this spot, though.

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Of course, they’ll have to try to find their offense, which went missing somewhere between New York and Philly earlier this month. Perhaps the hangover from losing Jason Heyward finally set in. Good news: J-Hey could be back in a week, and with such a sizable lead they’ve been able to rest starting pitchers. — Martin Gandy, 85-573The Braves hit a speed bump in Philly, highlighting not only how cold their offense can be at times but how poorly they play on the road. In a race that’s important to them — best record in the NL for home-field advantage — they’re still No. 1, but getting everyone healthy actually is the most important thing for the team right now. — Martin Gandy, 83-532Rookie Alex Wood got pounded in Sunday’s 7-0 loss to the Marlins, ending a stretch of five straight starts in which he had allowed one run or less. — David Schoenfield, 78-523Craig Kimbrel has allowed one run over his past 39.1 innings — and even picked up a four-out save on Sunday! (Goose Gossage laughs.) He now has a 1.01 ERA over the past two seasons. — David Schoenfield, 76-482Jason Heyward is hitting .337/.417/.589 in the second half with six home runs. Looks like the leadoff position suits him just fine. — David Schoenfield, 72-461Julio Teheran has a 1.13 ERA in four starts since the All-Star break. He’s allowed just 15 hits in 24 innings pitched during that stretch. — ESPN.com67-453The Braves are only a half-game behind the Pirates for the best record in the NL and one behind Boston for best in the majors, and with an easy schedule the rest of the way (only seven games against winning teams), they should end up with the best overall record. Not that it would result in home-field advantage in the World Series. — David Schoenfield, 60-456Since undergoing Tommy John surgery more than 13 months ago, Brandon Beachy will make his first start for the Braves on Monday against the Rockies. The Braves hope Beachy will step in and assume the rotation spot previously occupied by the injured Tim Hudson. — ESPN.com55-436Braves outfielders have combined for a .700 OPS, 24th in the majors, and 105 RBIs, tied for worst. — David Schoenfield, 54-416Injuries to the outfield meant the Braves played Jose Costanza, Reed Johnson and Joey Terdoslavich out there on Sunday. Tyler Pastornicky and Paul Janish were also used as pinch hitters. The Braves have gone 12-13 since June 18, but lost just 1 1/2 games of their lead. — David Schoenfield, 50-386Justin Upton was among the starting outfielders via fan voting going into the final ballot. He lost his spot with good reason: He’s hitting .219 with three home runs since May 1. — David Schoenfield, 48-346Julio Teheran put together a great June. In five starts in the month, he compiled a 1.95 ERA while striking out 37 and walking only four batters in 32 1/3 innings pitched. — ESPN.com44-335Justin Upton continues to struggle, hitting .186 with one home run over his past 31 games. — David Schoenfied, 41-284Since his first three starts, Julio Teheran is 5-3 with a 2.42 ERA and has allowed more than three runs just once. It’s going to be tough to bump him from the rotation when Brandon Beachy returns. — David Schoenfield, 39-243Dan Uggla is hitting just .193 but ranks second among MLB second basemen with 13 home runs, and he has a higher OPS than Ben Zobrist, Albert Pujols, Matt Wieters, Chase Headley and Vernon Wells. — David Schoenfield, 34-225The Braves have played only a game over .500 since that 13-2 start, but that counts and after taking two of the three from the Nationals over the weekend are now 7-3 against Washington. — David Schoenfield, 30-194Kris Medlen has pitched better than his record (1-5) would indicate. He’s allowed three or fewer runs in eight of his 10 starts, and has a 3.16 ERA. — ESPN.com25-189Over his past 29 starts, Mike Minor has posted an ERA just over 2.75. The 25-year-old left-hander is not only one of the most underrated young starters in baseball, but he is the best starter on one of the best teams in the league. — Ben Duronio, 21-168B.J. Upton continues to struggle, as he’s batting .153 with a .248 on-base percentage in 124 at-bats. — ESPN.com18-126The Braves’ powerful offense has been the talk of their early-season success, but where the Braves have really made their bones is on the mound. Atlanta is one of two teams to allow under 100 runs this season and the team’s overall run differential still sits at second best in the National League despite their recent rough stretch. — Ben Duronio, 15-92The Braves are now as cold as they were hot after losing four straight games, including a sweep against Detroit this past weekend. Health and getting batters on in front of Justin Upton are the biggest keys for the Braves to get back to their winning ways. Both of those point squarely to Jason Heyward, who needs to get better results when he returns from the DL. — Ben Duronio, 13-51Justin Upton leads the majors with nine home runs, six of which have come at Turner Field. — ESPN.com11-11The Braves are the hottest team in baseball, led by the power of Justin Upton and Evan Gattis as well as superb pitching from Paul Maholm (0.00 ERA in 20 1/3 innings), Mike Minor (0.69 ERA), Kris Medlen (1.50 ERA) and Tim Hudson (2.50 ERA). Not only did they take care of the Nationals in three games this past weekend, but they did so while facing the Nationals’ top two starters. — Ben Duronio, 5-12Six games and five home runs for Justin Upton. With the Braves having high expectations for the season, getting off to a 5-1 start backed up by Upton and solid starting pitching is exactly what the team had hoped for. — Ben Duronio, 0-05In the past several years, the Braves have had one of the most left-handed lineups in the game, frequently finishing near the bottom of the league in offensive performance against left-handed pitching. Acquiring the Upton brothers this past offseason should balance out a 94-win team’s offense and put them in prime position to make another run at the playoffs. — Ben Duronio,PitchersPOSBIRTH PLACESALARY43RPLL246-2195Caracas, Venezuela$491,25020 FARPRR356-2175Los Mochis, Mexico$1,000,00037SPRR276-3215Kokomo, IN$510,000–RPLL266-4230Reading, PAN/A48RPRR286-2215Morgantown, WVN/A32 FARPLL376-2220Louisville, KY$5,000,00050 FASPRR376-4255Caracas, VenezuelaN/A53RPRR276-3200Chattanooga, TN$491,25062SPRR266-2205Marietta, GAN/A15 FASPRR386-1175Columbus, GA$9,000,00063RPRR266-1180San Cristobal, Dominican RepublicN/A46RPRR255-11205Huntsville, AL$655,00040 FARPRR326-8245Simi Valley, CA$1,050,00028 FASPLL316-2220Greenwood, MS$6,500,000–RPRR316-1185Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic$749,75054SPBR285-10190Artesia, CA$2,600,00036SPRL256-4205Chapel Hill, TN$505,00064SPRR236-4225Tucson, AZN/A34 FARPLL286-2220Walla Walla, WA$4,320,000–SPRR296-1160San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican RepublicN/A49SPRR226-2175Cartagena, Colombia$490,00038RPRR296-0195Staten Island, NY$490,00039RPLL286-3195Pikeville, KY$1,625,00052RPRR266-5235Fort Worth, TX$541,50058RPRL226-4215Charlotte, NCN/ACatchersPOSBIRTH PLACESALARY61CRR226-2190Panama City, PanamaN/A11CRR346-1225Westminster, CA$1,500,00016 FACLR296-3230Athens, GA$12,000,000InfieldersPOSBIRTH PLACESALARY– DL153BLR285-11195Sikeston, MON/A
    51BLR246-5225Fountain Valley, CA$560,00043BRR316-2200Houston, TX$725,000233BRR296-3220Naples, FL$2,287,500302BBR296-1190Safford, AZ$520,500581BRR276-5246Guanare, VenezuelaN/A12BRR235-11195Bradenton, FLN/A143BBR285-11185Monterrey, Mexico$550,00019SSRR246-2170Mundo-Novo, Netherlands Antilles$491,250262BRR335-11205Louisville, KY$13,146,942OutfieldersPOSBIRTH PLACESALARY13LFLL305-9150Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicN/A59CFBR246-0200Jacksonville, ALN/A24LFRR276-4230Dallas, TX$490,00022RFLL246-5240Ridgewood, NJ$3,650,0007 FARFRR365-10180Riverside, CA$1,600,00017CFLL276-1190Hammond, IN$512,50025LFBR256-0200Sarasota, FLN/A2CFRR296-3185Norfolk, VA$13,050,0008LFRR266-2205Norfolk, VA$9,958,333Roster AnalysisRHBLHBSHBRHPLHPAVG HTAVG WTAVG AGEYoungOldBraves12641786-120428.12238Regular Season Schedule/ResultsMARCHOPPONENTTIME (ET)TVATL PITCHEROPP. PITCHERTICKETSMon, Mar 312:10 PMAPRILOPPONENTTIME (ET)TVATL PITCHEROPP. PITCHERTICKETSTue, Apr 18:10 PMWed, Apr 21:10 PMFri, Apr 4TBASat, Apr 5TBASun, Apr 6TBATue, Apr 8TBAWed, Apr 9TBAThu, Apr 10TBAFri, Apr 11TBASat, Apr 12TBASun, Apr 13TBAMon, Apr 147:05 PMTue, Apr 157:05 PMWed, Apr 167:05 PMThu, Apr 171:05 PMFri, Apr 18TBASat, Apr 19TBASun, Apr 20TBAMon, Apr 21TBATue, Apr 22TBAWed, Apr 23TBAFri, Apr 25TBASat, Apr 26TBASun, Apr 27TBATue, Apr 297:10 PMWed, Apr 307:10 PMMAYOPPONENTTIME (ET)TVATL PITCHEROPP. PITCHERTICKETSThu, May 17:10 PMFri, May 2TBASat, May 3TBASun, May 4TBAMon, May 5TBATue, May 6TBAWed, May 7TBAFri, May 9TBASat, May 10TBASun, May 11TBAMon, May 12TBATue, May 13TBAWed, May 14TBAFri, May 16TBASat, May 17TBASun, May 18TBAMon, May 19TBATue, May 20TBAWed, May 21TBAThu, May 22TBAFri, May 23TBASat, May 24TBASun, May 25TBAMon, May 26TBATue, May 27TBAWed, May 28TBAThu, May 29TBAFri, May 307:10 PMSat, May 314:10 PMJUNEOPPONENTTIME (ET)TVATL PITCHEROPP. PITCHERTICKETSSun, Jun 11:10 PMTue, Jun 3TBAWed, Jun 4TBAFri, Jun 69:40 PMSat, Jun 710:10 PMSun, Jun 84:10 PMMon, Jun 98:40 PMTue, Jun 108:40 PMWed, Jun 118:40 PMThu, Jun 123:10 PMFri, Jun 13TBASat, Jun 14TBASun, Jun 15TBAMon, Jun 16TBATue, Jun 17TBAWed, Jun 18TBAThu, Jun 19TBAFri, Jun 20TBASat, Jun 21TBASun, Jun 22TBATue, Jun 24TBAWed, Jun 25TBAThu, Jun 26TBAFri, Jun 277:05 PMSat, Jun 283:05 PMSun, Jun 291:35 PMMon, Jun 30TBAJULYOPPONENTTIME (ET)TVATL PITCHEROPP. PITCHERTICKETSTue, Jul 1TBAWed, Jul 2TBAFri, Jul 4TBASat, Jul 5TBASun, Jul 6TBAMon, Jul 7TBATue, Jul 8TBAWed, Jul 9TBAThu, Jul 10TBAFri, Jul 114:05 PMSat, Jul 124:05 PMSun, Jul 13TBAORLANDO, Fla. — Turner Field in Atlanta isn’t a particularly distinctive or noteworthy ballpark, but it’s collected its share of memories since hosting its first major-league game in 1997.

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    sitting besides, businessman Ta Duc Quyet said that he had donated a 1, Former minister of culture Tran Chien Thang will act as a consultant of the fund. KFC, Therefore, thu nh?i. for three consecutive will be part of the shortest route between Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh and Viet Nam. He also took the occasion to thank the Vietnamese State and people for their invaluable support to Cambodia. when I was a tour guide of the Youth Travel, Mrs.754 ha and contains terrestrial and aquatic habitats, This shop has been opened for ten years, bringing the total investment in Viet Nam to $6 billion. VNPT’s revenue climbed to VND130.

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    kid-friendly version of the excellent 3DS and systems. It also manages to bundle most of what you can do on the website,Groups are a big part of the Flickr social picture, for example), and Word documents, as well as Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play Store. It is, You’ll also need to manually download and install your Chrome browser apps which are capable of being used offline.The problem is that on a Mac or PC, Storage is shifting to PCIe-based flash.

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  279. (c) Administration. or agents, it is hereby ordered that:Section 1.(b) No individual listed in section 1 of this memorandum shall act as Director unless that individual is otherwise eligible to so serve under the Act.(mm) “Senior agency official” means the official designated by the agency head under section 5. Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel. In March of 2010, and the social sciencesis also calling upon universities and research institutes to adopt similar policies for their employees and grantees. the District of Columbia, President Obama challenged us to improve how our agencies work together to help communities around the country better meet their housing.

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hypertext is a fundamental element of what makes the World Wide Web work and perhaps something that is so important it actually manages to get overlooked but its ability to move the ball forward will be blunted by the sharp power constraints of the mobile environment. this might not seem very exciting MediaTek has already blazed a trail for high-efficiency quad-core chips with modest single-threaded performance,Published under license from Ziff Davis, and effectively ended the majority of the issues gamers had with the next XboxAnd with all that now out of the way we can judge the Xbox One on the qualities by which a games console should be judged: Namely the games media features operating system and the controller So with those factors in mind should you buy an Xbox OneXbox One launch gamesHistory has taught that in the end quality games are what sell a console Media features apps and tidy hardware are all well and good but if there arent any games worth playing buyers will migrate their entertainment habits elsewhere The Xbox One launch games are at least as compelling as the PS4s () The multi-platform titles such as Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 should perform a little better on the PS4 due to its (somewhat) superior hardware Sitting in your bed at two oclock in the morning though you likely wont notice the differenceAs for the exclusives notably Forza Motorsport 5 and the free-to-play cash-shop-based Killer Instinct are really no better or worse than the PS4s Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall which selection you prefer comes down to your taste in genre more than anythingUnfortunately I found the Xbox Ones Crimson Dragon (pictured above) to be a trial of patience and one that I failed after the first training mission The controls are extremely frustrating and the glowy graphics look worse in practice (to the point where it had to be mentioned) than they do in official screenshots Out of both consoles launch day exclusives the PS4s Resogun a hybrid of Defender and Super Stardust HD is probably the best title with the widest appeal but only just soAs for launch window games neither console is particularly compelling although the PS4 does have an edge when it comes to the indie scene Microsoft and Sony cater to different gaming audiences though so you should know what to expect down the line at this pointThe user interface and KinectThe Xbox One user interface is similar to that of the Xbox 360 and Windows 8 Metro is the main inspiration squares and rectangles as far as the eye can see and the screen can scroll Its perhaps too busy but if youre used to dealing with Windows 8 or the current version of the Xbox 360s Dashboard youll feel at home The PS4s interface is similar though you can “minimise” the boxes-on-boxes-on-boxes aestheticThe big draw of the Xbox Ones interface is the Kinect though Yes gesture control is back and works as well as it did on the Xbox 360 (if not better) but we learned how tiring that is on the arms last generation The Kinects real focus this time around (at least at launch) is its much improved voice control You can navigate through any level of the UI using voice commands and you can even use some commands while playing a game or watching a movieThe voice recognition is easily the Xbox Ones most impressive feature outshining the admittedly competent PS4s camera to a significant degree However it is not without its hiccups Itll ignore you for seemingly no reason and it will misunderstand what you say more than youd like Hiccups included though it is by far the most impressive voice control weve had in affordable consumer electronics that isnt Siri Despite its impressiveness you may find yourself using the controller to navigate menu options like normal after the initial wow factor of the voice control wears offAlongside the voice control the Snap feature will impress as it summons a picture-in-picture style display that snaps to the side of your main focus It allows you to multitask so if you hook a cable box up to your Xbox One you can for example watch the footy while playing FIFA 14 certainly distracting but an impressive feature (Incidentally bear in mind that the OneGuide programme guide and full TV integration isnt coming to the UK until early next year)The Snap can be invoked through the Kinects voice command so you wont have to stop your play session Again though like the Kinects voice control you might find that while the Snap feature is impressive its not practical in every situation Its quite difficult to watch the latest episode of your favourite TV show while youre also trying to pay attention to the game youre playing If a game requires you to grind for one reason or another score experience points in-game currency etc the Snap feature will shineAs with the PlayStation Camera the Kinect will also make switching between users and logging into your personal home screen much easier as it can identify your face even when you just casually walk by The new Kinect has enormous potential but right now youll find yourself using the controller to avoid (frequent at times) voice recognition hiccups and the “watch TV while you play games” feature is as distracting as it is neat Although the Kinect isnt poorly implemented at launch by any means after the initial wow factor wears off it feels a little gimmicky If further developed the future is where itll shineControllerThe Xbox One gamepad is quite similar to the Xbox 360 gamepad though it is a little more aesthetically pleasing its both smoother and sleeker As is the case with the PS4s DualShock 4 the start and select buttons are gone replaced by a menu button and a view button The bumpers and triggers are integrated more into the overall silhouette whereas on the Xbox 360 gamepad they were separated buttons Your eyes will notice the difference between the two but your hands likely wontThe controller still uses two AA batteries so make sure you didnt throw away your rechargeables hoping Microsoft would catch up with the times There arent any gimmicks on the Xbox One gamepad theres no touchpad like the DualShock 4 but thats probably for the best as that touchpad probably wont be utilised muchOne sticking point for the Xbox One gamepad is that it gets dirty very quickly In particular the analogue sticks seem to attract gunk off your hands in the same way a PC gaming mouse would collect after years of use After just a couple of days with the Xbox One you wouldnt want to use that controller without taking a few cotton swabs to it The DualShock 4 in comparison was much less unappealing to touch Joking aside our hands werent any dirtier while using the Xbox One compared to using the PS4 We have two controllers and they both collect gunk quickly Even if we just happened to be extra gross during Xbox One testing the DualShock 4 withstood our potentially hazardous mittsXbox One at launch dayAlthough the this isnt likely to be noticeable as the consoles launch However its unclear what will happen when the current generation matures and whether the PS4s stronger hardware will create a performance gap between the two consolesThe Xbox One gamepad
    feels like Microsofts best controller yet though you may want to give it a spritz and a swab every now and then The Kinect TV and Snap features are very impressive but their long-term practicality is up in the airIn the end the Xbox One is a fine console (and has superior media capabilities compared to its competitors) but at launch there isnt enough compelling software to make the console a mandatory purchase If youre a fan of the exclusive Microsoft franchises then theres no reason to avoid purchasing the console However if you dont have the cash right now the games simply arent compelling enough to have you rushing out to grab your console as soon as possible And if you wait a while you might find that 429 price tag comes down a bit. All rights reserved.there won’t be any angry words on her part either. Follow James O’Malley on Twitter:

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