Dois looks básicos direto do Brandsclub para arrasar no outono

Se você acompanha as tendências de moda, já sabe que quando muda a estação, temos que adaptar o guarda-roupa. Só que nem sempre estamos dispostas a gastar tanto para renovar, então nós do decidimos elaborar dois looks completos. O desafio é combinar duas peças-chave para a temporada outono/inverno 2012 e montar várias opções para o dia-a-dia e para noite, com estilos diferentes: casual, social, romântica, color-blocking, por exemplo.

Para nos ajudar, entramos no Brandsclub ( e fizemos toda a pesquisa no clube privado de compras. É muito mais fácil porque depois de se inscrever no site, você consegue encontrar várias marcas legais no mesmo lugar e comprar online todos os itens selecionados.

As duas peças escolhidas foram o vestido Morgan preto, tomara-que-caia curto, da marca Carina Duek, e o macacão Croco Platin, da Iódice. Para montar selecionamos três tipos de calçados: uma sandália de salto alto, uma sapatilha e um oxford; um cardigã amarelo da marca The Lure; e acessórios como a bolsa Chanel Matelasse, Sabrina Moraes, e o cinto pink com fecho de lacinho, da Carina Duek.

Uma das tendências mais fortes da estação é o color-blocking, mistura de cores vibrantes em um outfit. Motivo pelo qual, selecionamos o cardigã amarelo e o cinto pink. Não tenha medo de misturar cores, só um pouco de bom senso. Se você não é do tipo que gosta de chamar muita atenção escolha uma peça de roupa, um acessório de outra cor e arremate a produção com o Oxford café bem discreto, da marca AHA.

Outra sugestão é um look dia romântico, de preferência ensolarado, com o vestido preto ou o macacão, sapatilhas brancas de couro metalizado, da Costume, e a bolsa Chanel de matelasse de alça longa. Pode usar com ou sem o cinto pink. Um charme! Na hora do happy hour, troque as sapatilhas ou o oxford por uma sandália meia pata caramelo, da Unibelle by Miucha, jogue o cardigã amarelo aberto e finalize com o cinto rosa por fora. Aliás, se usará muito no outono esta combinação cinto por fora de blazers, terninhos e blusas meia estação fluidas.

Aproveite a nova estação e nossas dicas para atualizar o guarda-roupa, agora é só comprar o que você precisa no Brandsclub.

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    Clearly, the enemies of the free schools policy, whether they be headteachers of under-performing comprehensives, Labour MPs, the Socialist Workers Party or Guardianistas, have scented blood in the wake of the Government’s U-turns over the NHS and sentencing reform. But I’m optimistic this is one public service reform the Government won’t abandon, no matter how much pressure the Conservatives come under from their windy Coalition partners. Hold the line, Mr Gove. England’s schoolchildren are depending on you.The left paw is controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain, which is associated with more negative emotions, and the scientists believe the findings reflect what has previously been observed in humans.
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    Government watchdog groups say the push back from the House is only one of a series of attempts by legislators this session to shield from the sunshine many documents that are currently public. Barbara Petersen, director of the First Amendment Foundation, said that legislators are moving dozens of amendments on bills in the final days of session attempting to exempt data and records from public view.
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    But a half-decade ago, say, as then-Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard made the walk, he made it like a prize fighter. People emerged from all angles, offering high-fives and attaboys. Pritchard beamed, a proud man representing a basketball-mad city, entering the ring to do his job saving the Trail Blazers.
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    Approval of Congress overall is flat, at just 26 percent — likewise sharply down from a recent high of 44 percent in spring ’07. It’s been lower, bottoming out at 17 percent in 1992. But running against the institution has rarely looked so enticing.
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    Hasbro should also benefit from Transformers and Spider-Man movies in 2014 and from Star Wars and Avengers movies in 2015, analysts said, as the company has toys linked to those films. Mattel has “good prospects, but it doesn’t have as clearly visible a catalyst for sustained revenue growth as Hasbro has,” said Needham & Co analyst Sean McGowan.
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    They came from California, Canada, Belgium and New York to see with their own eyes the grave of the man accused of killing President John F. Kennedy 50 years ago Friday. Despite a steady drizzle, they posed by the grave for a photo or swapped theories

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    “But George Osborne is not Gordon Brown, and we should not let our distaste for the latter’s style of politics blind us to the ambition of what the current Chancellor is trying to do. He has embarked on a course of action that is not without peril. He has chosen to put the burden of cuts on welfare, when we cannot be certain what the public reaction will be to having both benefits and public services reduced. He has vowed not to ask the taxpayer for more money in the future, without being certain he can stick to that promise. And he has set in train a revolution in public services that is overdue but fraught with political danger. Nothing could be further from the spendthrift dishonesty that was Mr Brown’s hallmark.”Our is making waves this morning. His assessment of the MoD

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    JEJ I think high-school kids have a hard enough time watching age-appropriate actors kiss on stage. How are they going to react to two older people their grandparents kissing on stage? “Aahh!” I personally dont know what the problem is. I thinking kissing is quite good. But kids get torn inside out about it I guess its too close to something they want to do themselves. Much more than that, I cant say.
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    As a candidate with Barclay Meade, you can be assured that you will be dealing with a specialist Consultant who understands the Professional Staffing sector and will match your skills and experience to the right role.
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    Next generation biofuels are seen as providing one of the cost effective way of reducing CO2 emissions of internal combustion engines over the next two decades with the extreme conditions experienced in motor racing, offering an exciting platform for developing this low carbon technology to a wider audience. Produced from waste biomass such as straw, wood and sewage sludge, they have the potential of becoming fuels not hampered by the problems of first generation biofuels, because they need not rely on dedicated food crops.

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    Attorney General Jon Bruning, who lost the 2012 GOP primary for Senate to Deb Fischer, has not lost any ambition and has kept the door open to another statewide run. Don Stenberg, a third candidate in that primary, who won the support of conservatives like former Sen. Jim DeMint, has also not ruled out another run.
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    Wildcard entry: UniSA-Australia (Aus).
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    The Spurs werent successful on every possession — Mike Miller was ready and waiting for Duncan when the Heat blitzed Ginobili on an angle pick-and-roll with about 4 minutes to go in the third quarter — but they generated a number of good chances for Duncan, both for himself and as a playmaker, and on the offensive glass.
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    Technical Fouls: PLAYERS: 1 HOUSTON ( Garcia 1 ) – TEAMS: HOUSTON (2) – COACHES: None
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    D-League (see Atlantic Division)
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    You should anticipate that as we get more information, our teams will provide you briefings. We’re still in the investigation stage at this point. But I just want to reiterate we will find out who did this and we will hold them accountable.
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    Q. Do you think there is a double standard for you?
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    This week, it is Republicans who are making themselves look foolish by attacking Obama for following a timeline laid out not by “General Axelrod” but by George W. Bush.
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    General manager Brian Sabean has now checked off two important items from his to-do list looking forward to what he hopes is a comeback year for the club in 2014. In late September, the Giants signed right fielder to a $90 million, five-year contract before the season ended. He played every game this year.
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    Technical Fouls: PLAYERS: None – TEAMS: OKLAHOMA CITY (2) – COACHES: None
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    “When it seems like the world is crashing down on us, he’s always like, ‘We’re gonna get through it. It starts with me and we’re all going to get through it. Let’s just stay focused and continue to grind,’” James says. “Then things would get better. You respect that. When your general doesn’t panic, no matter what the situation is, then the rest of the soldiers don’t panic either.”
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    Thomas leaped and brought it down with his right hand, then got both feet down inside the line for a touchdown. With that, he joined Eric Decker in Denver’s one-handed-touchdown club Sunday and gave the Broncos some otherworldly highlights to go with their home-field advantage throughout the playoffs after a 38-3 runaway over the .

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    Williams and developers poured money into downtown, eventually developing all but 15 of 100 surface parking lots. Restaurants began to line every block, rolling out 147 sidewalk seating areas by 2012. As of March 2013, there were 7,800 market-rate apartments and condos under construction downtown and its neighboring areas.
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    So what, I hear you ask? Who cares about a spat over some obscure bit of Lords legislation? Except that what Mr Clegg added, perhaps as a little

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    “I think it’s a flawed system,” Meyer said Monday.
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    For more information about safety this Thanksgiving, visit, D.C. – LG Electronics Tianjin Appliance Co., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, is urging consumers to check whether they have recalled Goldstar or Comfort-Aire dehumidifiers. The firm is re-issuing the recall of about 98,000 of the dangerous dehumidifiers that pose a serious fire and burn hazard, and are believed to be responsible for more than $1 million in property damage.

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    An especially porcine example took to the air yesterday with a declaration that thousands of foreign convicts clogging up Britain’s prisons are to be sent home. At a stroke, the prison overcrowding problem will be solved: there are 11,400 foreign nationals in the UK’s jails about 12 per cent of the total.
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    Alternatively, scroll through a”Britain is building again” and the housing market had “turned a corner”, said Communities Secretary Eric Pickles,

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    Bell was one of three finalists for the job at Western Illinois, along with China Jude, the assistant vice president and athletics director at Queens College in New York, and Ken Ralph, director of athletics at Colorado College.

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    Madonna Wadolowski (Brien McMahon) had an assist in Radford’s 1-1 field hockey tie with Siena.
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    Lesley latterly suffered from ill health, and Mosley helped care for her. Shortly after his 65th birthday, however, he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Lesley died on November 1. Charles Mosley died four days later. He had no children. His first wife survives him.

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