Tibi se inspira em minimalismo e em The Beatles

Para a estilista Amy Smilovic da Tibi, o inverno 2012/2013 será um misto do minimalismo da moda dos anos 90 com o estilo The Beatles da década de 60, o que resultou em uma coleção um tanto quanto andrógina, repleta de elementos masculinos e peças que poderiam facilmente ser consideradas unissex.



O que significa uma mudança e tanto no conceito da marca, que até então só apostava nas tendências do momento (e a principal delas atualmente é a feminilidade e o romantismo absoluto).



Como resultado dessa inspiração, passaram pelas passarelas da Semana de Moda de Nova York, blazers de abotoamento duplo, camisas e calças ajustadas com barra encurtada, tudo muito reto e folgado e confeccionado com tecidos metalizados e algumas padronagens geométricas.



Para realçar ainda mais a sobriedade das peças, a paleta de cores contou com preto, cinza, marrom, verde floresta e cobalto. Os destaques do desfile ficaram com as bermudas Tibi e as divertidas estampas de passarinhos que deu graça à coleção, que talvez tenha ficado séria demais.



Para quem quiser conferir as bermudas Tibi apresentadas na Fashion Week de Nova York, o site da marca disponibiliza toda a coleção que em breve estará disponível em lojas de todo o mundo.

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    Chris Kyle, 37, was a member of Seal Team Three in Iraq

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    For most of her life she was fascinated, professionally and personally, by the relationship between the sexes. In private she would discuss sexual matters with an explicitness verging on the bawdy (she was fascinating on the subject of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s private parts); but in public she proclaimed a virginal romanticism verging on the prudish.

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    Those who want Mr Cameron to let slip his inner Tory will, I fear, be disappointed. The Prime Minister is bent on dominating the centre ground. He looks to the experience of the past few tub-thumpingly Tory general election campaigns and sees four straight defeats. His aim instead is to play to the middle every time Ed Miliband strikes one of his poses on tax and Mr Clegg follows him with an attack on wealth. Every step they take to the Left, he follows them a few inches, hoping they will not notice that he is gradually herding them to the margins.

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    (1) In a July 2001 column in the New Statesman Hari mentioned that he had used ecstasy after finishing his final university exams. Other media outlets subsequently ran articles by Hari including one in which he wrote “I’ll try to explain why so many of us use the drug weekly”. Hackwatch column stated that “In fact, the young rascal had never taken Ecstasy: before writing his lyrical account he had to phone a friend and ask what it felt like”.
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    A number of other names are now being floated. One is Ian McNicoll, the party’s general secretary, who is currently masterminding Labour

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    Ferguson had the same lust for victory and he communicated it to his team. At his best, so does Jose Mourinho, whose chosen one shtick is just another form of swagger. But you only have to look at Mourinho at the moment, to see how hard it is to shut out self-doubt.
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    The biggest investments were made in offshore wind farms. In the North Sea alone, $6.3 billion in investments were made in three offshore wind farms totaling 1?gigawatt?(GW) capacity. The single biggest asset finance deal of the quarter was the $2.7 billion deal for , an offshore wind farm off the coast of Germany.
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    Edited by Chris IrvineDespite realising that the ideals of beauty presented in commercial advertisements are unattainable and often not even real girls still put pressure on themselves to attain the ideals, and suffer when they fail to do so. This suffering can take the form of eating disorders, early sexual activity, obesity, smoking and alcohol abuse, according to the website.
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    Anusorn said he expected limited impact from flooding because its factories were located in high areas where water could run down to the sea, but he expected margins and profit growth might be affected by an increase in freight costs.
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    Mohar Basu of Koimoi.com : “Issaq was indeed a thorough waste. With such a promising idea, the film’s pseudo-artistic style of narration is half baked and dishonest. Barring a few picturesque shots that encapsulate the fascinating charm of Benaras, the film has absolutely nothing more to boast of. Even if you have a lot of time to spare, avoid this; it comes with the price of aspirin.
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    Most of U.S. like “space”, if we did not, would anyone in their right mind pay what people do in NYCity and Vancouver BC? Setting aside, of course, that no body in NYC is in their right mind.
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    While White is picking up much of the summer accolades, South Florida

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    “It was partially for the money,” Ahouse said. “It was for my own peace of mind, too, knowing that I was earning some money.”
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    Official numbers from the Mexican government statistics agency INEGI show that close to 30% of Mexico’s employed population , without job contracts or a guaranteed wages. INEGI claims that every day more than 2,145 Mexicans join the “underground” economy.
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    First regarding veracity: The Washington Times ran an editorial Tuesday gleefully skewering Obama as being “in the basement” popularity-wise:
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    Penn has been gung-ho on this point. ‘My answer to “He should have called his parents” is “Who says?”‘ he said in Time last month. Hirsch who as part of his research had ‘really good conversations’ with McCandless’s father Walt, Billie and Carine is more sensitive to the family’s feelings, but also still indulgent of McCandless.
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    to achieve the kind of genuine cultural commonality that ultimately became a hallmark of the chorale. A Bicentennial commission from Wagner in 1976, Some tea party conservatives view the dearth of new laws as a sign of success,Boehner told reporters in July that the GOP majority should be judged not by the number of laws it passes but by the number it has repealed. a lively adventure tale chock full of low gags.’ ” Holloway says. He can transport himself to international crime scenes with his mind and examine the evidence with every digital-imaging tool in the kit. Dolores tries to save them, but King himself has had nothing to do with the opera and has demonstrated little interest in it. or by using the “Contact” form at asklizweston.

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    Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.Weather conditions may cause unforeseen closures of certain campgrounds, and sometimes the National Forest Service closes campgrounds to protect the habitat of endangered species. The campgrounds differ in many ways, so look into the various locations, provisions, access and reservation requirements of each to find the best option for you. The campgrounds vary in elevation from the year-round Gould Mesa Trail Camp at 1,500 feet above sea level, to the 8,000-foot Blue Ridge camp, which is open from May to November. One of the smallest campgrounds is the hike-in-only Maxwell Trail Camp, which only has one campsite. The largest are the 111-site Chilao Recreation Area, which closes from November to March, and the 115-site Table Mountain campground.Former The Voice contestant Angie Johnson, 32, went from Air Force tech sergeant to stardom after a video of her performing for troops in the Middle East was posted on YouTube. “I just want to make records to be able to support my family,” she says. “Any other accolades would be icing on the cake.”
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    There’s a different way of looking at the problem that holds more promise, however: Much of America’s military spending constitutes a perverse form of foreign aid. American taxpayers (and their creditors) pay for the defense not just of America, but also dozens of European countries, Japan, South Korea, and a number of other allies and client states. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, like his predecessor Robert Gates, is currently hectoring our NATO allies to beef up their spending. But they would be stupid to spend their own money when they know we will spend for them. Until we push them off the teat, they will continue suckling.
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    Experts at the symposium agreed that once we regain our footing in STEM fields, America will once again be a leader in technology and science.
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    The leaders hosted a bilateral press conference at the palace before touring the country.
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    The other reason is about power and control. Cloud storage means your data can be taken away if you don’t toe the official line; it means your data can be monitored and analysed at will without your knowledge; it means your computer and your data are no longer your own, they now belong to the companies that own the OS and your data storage.
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    Woodson also announced that the Knicks would rest Jared Jeffries for Friday’s game and were in the process of signing journeyman big man Dan Gadzuric for insurance, in case Jeffries has more knee problems in the postseason. The 6-11 Gadzuric, who has been with Texas in the NBA’s Developmental League this season, will be eligible for the playoffs. To make room for the ex-Buck center, the Knicks were set to release Billy Walker.
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    5. “And Tango Makes Three,” by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson
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    The pedestrian plazas opened – and Broadway shut down to cars in Times and Herald Square – in 2009.Longtime Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes raised just $27,275 in the last six months for his re-election bid, but his campaign insists it’s not a sign he’s on the ropes.
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    Nearly all of the people objecting on Twitter to Truss’s remarks were middle class ?C people like Gaby Hinsliff, an ex-Guardian journalist. The irony is that the main beneficiaries of a more old-fashioned approach to nursery education, with the emphasis on instilling virtues like?patience, discipline, manners and perseverance, are children from socially deprived backgrounds ?C those children?least likely to learn those skills in the home.
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    Endless choice and self-selection are?becoming cultural norms. This is starting to?shift the centre of political gravity away from mid-20th century collectivism towards something much more personalised and niche.?Once folk have endless choice and self-selection over the small, trivial things

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    Yes, there would be a cost to the Treasury but then every year the government spends huge sums trying to hold fares down. This scheme strikes me as one George should consider further. You would allow continued investment in transport, and you would target your help at exactly the people who need it not the millionaires and the tourists and the casual shoppers, but the hardworking people who are really turning the wheels of recovery.What is it about heavily indebted Western governments that makes them so keen on tax transparency?
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    Critics complained that a rape scene in Downton was akin to chemical weapons in Countryfile or Paul Hollywood being buried alive in an icing-sugar avalanche during The Great British Bake Off. Raped women, said one, “are not objects to be used to shake up a dull plot”. If that were true then a quarter of world drama and literature would not exist.
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    The sale and sum have led to comparisons with the most popular contemporary arts on show in Frieze, including works by Jeff Koons reported to be on offer for tens of millions of pounds. His recent work, Tulips, sold for 21m at an auction house last year.
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    UPS said heir first move toward the use of alternative fuel vehicles took place in 1930, when it purchased electric trucks for use in New York City. It has since ventured into eight different alternative fuel options including compressed natural Gas, propane, hybrid-electric vehicles, all-electric vehicles, LNG and liquefied petroleum (in Korea). The company is also considering hydraulic-hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell technologies.
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    The U.S. is to release official data on the trade balance, the difference in value between imported and exported goods, as well as the weekly report on initial jobless claims.
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    Industrial production excluding construction. Source: Eurostat
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    Nick Lewis at Capital Spreads attributes a sharp about-turn in the markets during Carney’s remarks to a realisation that forward guidance does not necessarily mean loose monetary policy will remain in place until 2016. due to the caveats around low interest rates- namely runaway inflation or a faster-than-expected fall in unemployment.
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    The “eye-popping” documents show that the NSA tapped the overseas communications of a number of prominent figures during the Vietnam War.

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    Humor — with zingers directed not only at one’s rival but oneself — is the order of the evening, and the dignitaries don’t disappoint, said Smith, who’s been running the show since 1988.
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    Further funding was granted to Western Power Distribution for its Low Voltage Network Templates project and Central Networks’ Low Carbon Hub.
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    The stock price of Laurel, Miss.-based poultry producer Sanderson Farms Inc. (NASDAQ: SAFM) has shed 13 percent since July 1, while the world’s largest pork producer, Smithfield Foods Inc. (NYSE: SFD) of Smithfield, Va., has shed 11 percent from its stock price in the same period of time.
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    She has showed the receipt to her manager, who assured her that she did nothing wrong and did not deserve the abuse.
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    The government has pledged $64 million over four year and the changes include relaxing the restrictions around KiwiSaver members accessing the extra deposit assistance of up to $5,000 that is currently available. The maximum joint earnings of a couple to qualify will be increased from $100,000 to $120,000.

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    The increase in personal tax allowance will, however, be welcomed by everyone. It got a huge cheer from the Liberal Democrats, who have insisted on it as a price for their support. One suspects Mr Osborne should be grateful – were it not for this measure, this could easily have looked like a Budget skewed towards entrepreneurs and the very wealthy.
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    On Thursday, “SportsCenter” showed a list of meltdowns by a manager or coach, prompted by Seattle Mariners manager John McLaren’s obscenity-laced outburst Wednesday night. All the good ones were there: Denny Green’s “We let ‘em off the hook!” rant, Mike Gundy’s “I’m a man! I’m 40!” and Hal McRae’s phone toss.
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    Copyright 2013 by The Associated Press
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    , 56, was booked at about noon on suspicion of murder at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, where he was already serving time for a parole violation. He was also booked on suspicion of stealing Coke’s car and using access cards that belonged to the 50-year-old woman, and is expected to be charged by Alameda County prosecutors as soon as Friday.
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    The weapons were found at Smith’s rented home in the foothills east of San Jose after a party on June 29, 2012, during which he fired a handgun into the air and was stabbed, and two other people were shot, authorities said.
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    Repeat for Melvin? A’s manager was named a finalist for the AL Manager of the Year award for the second season in a row; Melvin won the award last year. The other finalists are of the and of the Indians. The winner will be announced Tuesday.
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    Picture: REX FEATURESIn the latest issue of Private Eye I’m described as a “batshit anti-environmentalist.” I suspect this may have been a typo for “batshit mad”, which is what they called me last time they wrote about me. (According to that particular story, I was the Telegraph’s most popular blogger

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    Damocles, david dee and david in rome asked for my thoughts on the Queen’s visit to The Republic of Ireland. I regarded it as a very well-judged initiative. I am glad it went well, although sorry that the security had to be so intense because of the threat from those still loyal to the Sinn Fein IRA position of a few years ago, that she was not able to meet as many ordinary Irish people as she would have liked. I have no hostility towards the Republic, nor the great mass of the Irish people, nor do I think that they have any hostility towards the Queen or this country.
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    They have seen immigrants flood into the country, then take their unionized jobs as scabs, who are

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    Another state senator, Richard Codey, likened the entire fiasco to “Comedy Central.”
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    The protocol dispute burst into the open on Wednesday when Afghan President Hamid Karzai said his government would not join U.S. talks with the Taliban and would halt negotiations with Washington on a post-2014 troop pact.
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    House Republicans, notably, have? at Cruz

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    Begins with discussion of what do to if you ever fall down onto subway tracks and then continues with readers sharing their thoughts and experiences on both committing and benefiting from acts of sudden heroism.
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    The PGA Tour does not release the percentage of votes won or even who finished second.
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    The Leaders called for expanding security cooperation between the United States and India to address 21st century challenges in the areas of counter-terrorism, cyber, space, and global health security.
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    To support his “watch that space” recommendation, he noted that in the Sandy Bridge generation, there were only five such systems, and that in Ivy Bridge that count rose to 15. “By the time we finish this year,” he said, “there’s going to be 50 of them on Haswell. Or in some of them will be Silvermont and Bay Trail, too.”
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    Romney, who campaigned in Maryland Wednesday and celebrated his anniversary with his wife, Ann, now has 563 delegates, according to the AP

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    “There’s three world champions, obviously. And then there’s a couple of fighters that haven’t got world titles but are hovering around those guys, and I’m one of them. It’s one of the best weight classes in world boxing right now. Once I get my chance I’m going to take it with both hands. There’s some fantastic fights out there for me. There’s some strong world champions, but I think I can mix with the best and I think I can beat them as well.”
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    Former vice president Al Gore is back in the news with the release of his acclaimed documentary on warming, An Inconvenient Truth. And President Bush

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    “A backlash against ever-increasing commercialisation is part of the story of the success of outsider art,” says Rugoff. “But it is also to do with a sense that contemporary art has become too ingrown. The imaginative range and conceptual ingenuity of work by mavericks, outsiders and visionaries can make this conventional art world seem constrained and restricted by comparison.”
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    “I found it very hurtful and upsetting,” Quinn said.

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    On average, 20 analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expected the company to report earnings of $0.96 per share for the quarter. Analysts’ estimates typically exclude special items.

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    President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, failed to achieve a “grand bargain” on deficit reduction during negotiations over raising the debt ceiling in summer 2011, an agreement that would’ve included significant changes to entitlement programs such as Medicare. that Obama’s State of the Union proposal to cut subsidies to pharmaceutical companies would mean mandating that companies offer drug rebates to the approximately 10 million Americans who qualify for Medicare and Medicaid while receiving Medicare prescription drug benefits, a group known as “dual eligibles.” The Congressional Budget Office projected this proposal would reduce Medicare costs by $137 billion, Reuters says, but it has in the past sparked criticism from the pharmaceutical industry.
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    But it isnt without its flaws, most notably the limited on-board storage which will make gaining adoption among music lovers an uphill struggle.I think ?when he wrote of Hugo Chavez, “Chap in a beret who doesn’t need to be is a wrong ‘un.” There is something basically absurd about power. It requires narcissism to want it, will power to get it and ruthlessness to hold on to it. It

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    Maynard (11-2-1 MMA, 9-2-1 UFC) headlines Saturday’s UFC event, The Ultimate Fighter 18 Finale, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (8 p.m. ET, Fox Sports 1), where he faces Diaz (16-9, 11-7) for the third time in six years.
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    The vast majority of British cycle lanes are either totally pointless or actively dangerous. There also appears to be a rule that new cycle stands can only be erected in places where no-one wants to use them. TfL, custodian of Britain

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    Dershowitz, 68, died a short time later at Bellevue Hospital.

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    Combined ratio was 88.9 percent compared to 90.3 percent last year.
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    Jonathan Santiago, Cowbell Kingdom: Just right. When you factor in age and talent, he’s perhaps the best third option on any team. It’s fitting that he’s ranked ahead of guys with similar talents, such as , and .

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    First, Harvard’s stake in Apple before the sale amounted to a total of 571 shares, 0.03% of the university’s $30.7 billion endowment, and according to Bloomberg the liquidation netted a total of $304,000.
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    The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development study is aimed at governments, corporations and policy makers to analyze the dangers posed by cyber attacks.
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    As well as Stejneger’s Beaked Whale and sabre-toothed whale, the species is also referred to as the Bering Sea beaked whale, as the skull of the whale was first described after being found on Bering Island in 1883.
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    O2, the UK’s largest mobile operator, acknowledged the increasing use of internet communications proposed a problem for authorities but said its “confidence in the proposed route, however, is immediately undermined as the document offers a ‘solution’ that cannot possibly work”.

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    Claudio Yacob gives away a free kick for an unfair challenge on Victor Wanyama.
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    Some actively managed funds focus on gold. They include the BlackRock Gold & General Trust, which has returned 31pc over five years but lost 45pc in the past year. This fund invests largely in gold mining shares, which investors could also own directly, although this is a more risky strategy.
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    In September he was offered promotion to brigadier and transferred to head the 8th division in Ioannina, where his family had its origins. He refused and was placed on two months compulsory leave, during which time he continued nevertheless to turn up at his ESA office, openly declaring his opposition to the proposed new political system.
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    “Up until this point, where China and the US are also brought in as complicit partners in potential war games, War Chhod Na Yaar is fun. Mukul Dev plays an Afghan ghuspethia, and is quite a hoot to begin with. We also get the joke about the poor Pakistani soldiers not getting enough gosht in their dal. But soon the whole thing loses steam. Dalip Tahil is given a four-hander, playing an Indian, Pakistani, Chinese and American, and Soha Ali Khan is the only girl in the midst of all the men, playing a TV reporter. Of course she is called Rut Datta, and of course she is made to scurry around with a camera and make eyes at Captain Raj. And Sanjay Mishra’s underfed Pak officer is a drag.”
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    Gibson will compete in the 3-point shootout Saturday, and will be hard to beat if he shoots the way he did against the defenseless rookies. He finished three points shy of the game record, set by Amare Stoudemire in 2004.

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    Twitter: shanefaherty – when will you be introducing boarding passes on mobiles and tablets? Twitter: Ryanair – Yes
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    Any proposal which has the double characteristic of being unworkable in itself whilst entailing clear negative consequences

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    The ONS said rising prices could have driven the slump in food sales, after figures yesterday showed inflation remained stubbornly high at 2.4% in April. Rising food and non-alcoholic drinks prices were the main upward force on inflation, it added.
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    Sources close to the Miliband camp insist that while short on detail, their man was in fact starting to scope out some big themes.

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    BRN President/CEO Rich Bott noted, “For nearly 50 years, Bott Radio Network has served families with Quality Bible Teaching and Christian News and Information. We are excited about expanding our FM coverage in Northeast Indiana to reach more people with the power of Gods Word. At 100.1 FM, this new signal, combined with our existing AM 1090 station, will help more people to grow in their faith and to know whats happening in the world around them, from a Biblical perspective.”
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    Indeed after left tackle Tyson Clabo gave up two more sacks Sunday, bringing this season

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    ? Precipitation across Japan was above average, with some locations receiving nearly twice the average amount.The world had its fifth-warmest summer since records began in 1880, the National Climatic Data Center reported Tuesday.
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    image via University of Delaware
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    The assembly is widely expected to approve the agreement, and Karzai’s remarks could be seen as last-minute move to force the gathering to ask him to sign the long-delayed accord

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    He was banned for two years in 2007 for a similar offence. Last year he said he had quit cannabis.The simmering tension between the Welsh Rugby Union and the four professional regions has erupted after an astonishing series of exchanges sparked by George North’s proposed move to Northampton.
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    Several major financial firms are due to pressure from the Federal Reserve, The Wall Street Journal reported. In regulatory filings, the firms, seven in total, cited the Fed as reason for the changes.
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    On the same day she pleaded guilty, Shellie Zimmerman told Good Morning, America that she would “think about” staying married to her husband.(CBS) – George Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, is planning to file for divorce.
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    Mark Duchamp writes in with this news from the Lerida, Autonomous Community (state) of Catalonia, Spain:
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    When I met Boyden earlier this week in San Mateo, he was scouting out new office space for the company, since he plans to double his staff of about 150 by the end of the year.
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    But I started by saying this was Barack Obama

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    The relentless pursuit of better ways.
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    The Princess herself continued to assemble an impressive portfolio of traditional royal jobs. She became Chancellor of the University of Keele; president of the Girl Guides (an appropriate appointment in view of her childhood involvement with the Buckingham Palace Guides and Brownies); president of the Victoria League and of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. She was closely involved with the Dockland Settlement, Dr Barnardo’s, the Royal Ballet and the Sadler’s Wells Trust.
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    Of course simply converting US prices to UK prices isn’t that simple, but it does bode well for consumers looking to grab a bargain.
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    Democrat John Gregg announced last week he will not run for governor again in 2016.
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    The Olympics didn’t really inspire me that much but it made me enjoy watching sports more.
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    - The guy behind Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor uses Twitter to communicate with his fans. Almost like a fan forum, Reznor takes hold of the large Twitter population and asks questions and receives advice from fans. This is unsurprising, considering Reznor??s open support of electronic communities.
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    The crash happened on a road that forms a loop through industrial office parks, which is a known hotspot for illegal street racers, California Highway Patrol Sgt. Rick Miler said. It is rimmed by hills and relatively isolated from traffic, especially on weekends when the businesses are closed.
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    Only nine miles from Cairo, Kerdasa is regarded as an Islamist stronghold.
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    Angela Merkel’s emphasis on tough reform in the eurozone is likely to continue, despite the SPD favouring a more accomodative, pro-growth policy
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    Using Immigrants to Attract Immigrants
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    Last week, Third Point acquired a 5.2 stake in Yahoo after CEO Carol Bartz was fired. Now the New York-based fund indicated it wants to increase its shareholdings in a bid to oust chairman Roy Bostock and other Yahoo directors.
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    There’s no point in couching it, Jets kicker Nick Folk looked awful in OTAs.
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    Unlike solar chargers, fuel cell power is generated quickly. The fuel cell inside PowerTrekk is a completely passive system. Without fans or pumps, the fuel cell silently converts hydrogen into electricity while producing just a little water vapor. The charger will charge any small device that charges via USB. Its internal battery can also be charged from an external source via its USB charging port. One drawback of the charger appears to be that the PowerPukk fuel pack needs replacement after use, though it is stated to be recyclable.
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    These days, it is the citys most youthful area, home to fashion boutiques, bookshops, cafés and music venues.Nice
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    The challenge is that the best performing electronic devices, including silicon transistors, aren

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    This suite has hints of Indian culture and theme all over. It comes with six bedrooms along with your own private floor.
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    And now Cambridge Union has given the poor fellow another kick in the teeth The Union is blaming technical and legal reasons:
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    Incidents/Injuries: Atico has received eight reports of the A14B1053 Heater Fan overheating and 21 reports of the A14B0979 Quartz Heater. Reports for the A14B1053 Heater Fan included one report of damage to an electrical outlet and wall and one report of flames coming out of the front of the unit. Reports for the A14B0979 Quartz Heater included damage to the heater’s plug, one report of flames coming from a control knob and one report of a consumer receiving minor burns to the hand. For both products, reports included incidents of smoke and melting of the plastic casing.
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    4:33: Why do I smile every time David Stern strolls out to greet everyone for an NBA draft? I swear, I just caught myself smiling. Good to see him.
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    (Reporting by Ryan Vlastelica; Editing by Nick Zieminski)Stocks rose 1 percent on Monday, recovering much of last week’s losses in one day as investors bet that the Federal Reserve would reaffirm its policies of supporting the economic recovery later this week.
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    For general problems, to report a bug, or find the answer to a question not listed here, please visit our in addition to the Mobile section on the page to see if its something already on our radar or that has been addressed.To give us feedback on our Android app . If you are encountering problems with your Android app please be sure you are running the latest version of the app and have the most up-to-date version of Android available for your device. If you have the most recent versions and are sill encountering issues please contact us at: .Where do I find information about StumbleUpon share badges?
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