Em Paris Viktor & Rolf Monsieur aposta no couro e no pelo

Os desfiles concebidos pela marca Viktor & Rolf costumam trazer o inusitado como uma apresentação recorrente. Apostando em peças conceituais, a marca disponibiliza a seus usuários uma forma inovadora de vestir-se sempre buscando dar um ar de modernidade não importa para qual estação.




No entanto, para a edição do Paris Fashion Week inverno 2012/13 a Viktor & Rolf Monsieur optou por um visual mais sisudo e sério. Desde a passarela – básica -, até o visual clássico colocado à mostra para os usuários da marca.



Com ternos bem cortados e trabalhando, na maior parte da coleção com cores como preto e marrom a Viktor & Rolf Monsieur colocou na passarela peças que enfatizavam a parte superior do look, dando um destaque especial aos ombros cheios e largos em conjunto com cortes rentes ao corpo, o que, de certa forma, gerava um ar de superioridade.



Porém, algo que chamou a atenção foi o macacão masculino em couro, que mostrou uma faceta diferente para quem busca conforto. Lembrando que o couro também foi muito usado nessa coleção, nas calças, que quebravam a falta de brilho de algumas composições.



Assim, mais uma vez, mesmo com a tendência ao clássico, a marca conseguiu dar um ar de inovação ao colocar na passarela o macacão masculino, em sua versão clássica, de forma a possibilitar uma infinidade de combinações para quem pretende ousar mais na composição do look final.

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    James spent the first 3:26 of the fourth on the bench getting rest. When he returned to the court, the Cavs were clinging to an 85-82 lead over the Bulls, who were giving top-seeded Cleveland all it could handle and were intent on evening the best-of-seven series.

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    The Spurs, who hadn’t played in a week since beating Utah in the Western Conference finals, showed no early rust. They started 7-of-9 from the field as Parker and Duncan combined for 14 of San Antonio’s first 16 points as San Antonio opened a 20-15 lead after one.

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    “It’s huge. Seattle feels like he was stolen from us. He’s arguably the second-best player in the NBA, some say he’s the first, so for us to get to see him up close and personal again; it was special for me to get to play with him,” said Will Conroy, a Seattle native who has bounced around in the D-League with a few NBA stints. “I overpassed it to him like 10 times, but I didn’t care. It was special. Even me, I couldn’t sleep last night. I was excited.”
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    GUILFOYLE:Where is the outrage about reality, about facts that are producing these situations? They don’t want a dialogue about that because it is not politically popular. It’s not going to get money in their pocket for elections. They want to be sensational and twist the facts — like someone we know — because that’s what works. That’s the angry rhetoric.
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    Brees lives in the Uptown neighborhood, which puts him near the historic streetcar line. He loves taking his three kids for a ride on the postcard-pretty cars with mahogany seats and brass fittings. “It’s still one of my favorite things to do. It’s therapy. It’s relaxing. You look at the big beautiful houses and the oak trees as you ride along,” he says. “It costs me $1.25 to get on the streetcar and cruise. Where else in the world can I do this?”
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    The TAC’s Primate, Adelaide-based Archbishop John Hepworth, told The Record he has also informed the Holy See he wants to bring all the TAC’s bishops to Rome for the beatification of Cardinal Henry Newman, also an Anglican convert to the Catholic Church, as a celebration of Anglican-Catholic unity.
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