Blazer Calvin Klein by Francisco Costa

Posted on Feb 1 2012 - 3:28pm by admin

Estar elegante e bem vestido não depende só do estilo ou da peça que você utiliza para compor seu visual. É um conjunto desses fatores mais a tradição que só grandes marcas, como a Calvin Klein, podem oferecer. Claro que e coleção de blazers masculinos da marca não poderia destoar dessa premissa.


Com o estilista brasileiro, Francisco Costa, à frente das criações, os blazers Calvin Klein mostram todo o glamour de um corte excepcional e um ajuste que somente os melhores modelos podem oferecer.

Um detalhe importante, Costa recentemente recebeu o prêmio de Melhor Designer de Moda outorgado pelo museu de moda de Nova Iorque, devido ao impacto que suas peças causam no mercado e nos usuários.

Com modelos que trabalham um pouco da assimetria, e tecidos luxuosamente confortáveis, os blazers Calvin Klein formam um excelente conjunto quando unidos a uma bela camisa social.

São modelos que irão ampliar, de forma significativa, as possibilidades de montar um visual único e de primeira linha para os homens que procuram pelo melhor a todo momento.

Por isso, quando chega a hora de escolher um blazer masculino, nada mais correto do que ter a certeza de estar resguardado pela tradição das grandes marcas em conjunto com todo o potencial inventivo que elas podem proporcionar aos seus consumidores.

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    There was some red meat for the True Blue audience by way of a cap on the maximum in welfare benefits paid to any single family. That seemed to me to go down?in the Tory ranks rather better than the proposed clawback of child benefit to higher rate taxpayers.?Certainly there will be some difficult moments in translating those simple statements into regulations which make sense and do not penalise a family for having an extra child, for taking a modest pay rise

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  182. de SerreAction : de Pecqueur,Les trois militaires, s’entra? pour d

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    The situation has, if anything, got worse since then. Mr Cameron has only one MP north of the border and his party in Edinburgh is a shattered remnant of a machine that in 1955 won a majority both of seats and of the popular vote. His Scottish ancestry hardly helps, either. His forebears went from castles in Scotland to build the Empire in the Far East. Until it became a political liability, he enjoyed stalking and shooting from his mother-in-law

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    But most of this speech was sound and well-judged. He made a good fist of Labour’s retreat to the 1970s and its dangers: driving business and jobs away from Britain and patronising people who are out of work by consigning them to welfare oblivi0n. Conservatives, he said, wanted to “look people in the eye” rather than pat them on the head, to treat them as equals and tell them that they could make it. In the year of Margaret Thatcher’s death, it was nice to be reminded that her basic message still had resonance.”So they know that what they are dealing with is dangerous for national security.”

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    Treasures from the Hermitage Museum were to be shown in LondonOn Saturday, Miliband wrote the following: “Many people are looking forward to the Russian Masterpieces exhibition coming to London next year. Rightly. But what on earth can the Russians think will be achieved by forcing the closure of British Council offices outside Moscow? It is illegal (against the 1963 Vienna agreement), hurts Russians, and damages Russia’s image abroad. There is even a debate about whether the Russian measures are MORE restrictive than those against the British Council in Burma and Iran. I hope the government will think again before January 1st.”Today, the Russians have announced that this exhibition, planned to open at the Royal Academy of Arts on Piccadilly, will not go ahead at all. The paintings will simply be withheld. This is presumably another example of the frosty state of Anglo-Russian relations. But Miliband was the first to mention the exhibition in this context. His words could have been construed as an implicit threat to cancel the display of Russian art in retaliation for the treatment meted out to the British Council. I am sure that was not his intention. What Miliband meant to say was “please contrast our support for a wonderful exhibition of Russian art in London with Moscow’s treatment of the British Council”. But he didn’t actually say that. I can understand why he obviously typed that blog in a hurry with many other things on his mind. Which only goes to show risks involved.[Uh??Salford diocesan press officer, Fr John Flynn (@jcaflynn), now says on Twitter that he took down the interview because he couldn’t verify it

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