D&G é Incorporada à Dolce & Gabbana

Posted on Oct 4 2011 - 5:47am by admin

vestuário feminino

Aconteceu recentemente o último desfile da D&G em Milão, na Itália. Pois é, a D&G, linha de moda jovem da Dolce e Gabbana, levou à passarela sua coleção de moda feminina para o Verão 2012, mas antes disso, liberou à imprensa um comunicado anunciando o fim da D&G, que, segundo os estilistas Domenico Dolce e Stefano Gabbana, será incorporada à marca principal, a famosa e renomada Dolce e Gabbana.

roupa feminina 2012

Os estilistas responsáveis pela linha D&G ainda informaram que essa foi a opção adotada para dedicarem mais energia e força na criação e execução de novos projetos da Dolce e Gabbana, focanda somente numa linha e no mercado da alta costura e luxo que cresce cada vez mais no mundo.

moda italiana

No último desfile de verão da linha D&G, a passarela foi invadida por roupas como vestidos, calças, camisas, saias e acessórios em cores alegres e vibrantes, trabalhando com um estilo de estampa que promete retornar e ser o grande hit da estação: a estampa lenço.

moda de grife

Os arabescos da estampa lenço aparecem em tudo, estão nos vestidos, nas saias e nas demais peças da coleção desfilada na Semana de Moda de Milão. A D&G apresentou looks que misturam estampas numa só peça, como vestidos e macacões, além de mesclar texturas e tecidos, compondo assim um visual moderno e forte, bem a cara da D&G.

peça feminina

Toda coleção lindíssima e impecável da D&G pode ser visto no site oficial da grife, como também os endereços das lojas próprias em diversos países. Para comprar online as peças acese diferentes lojas multimarcas ou lojas especializadas em marcas de alta costura com promoções incríveis, como o Brandsclub ou o Farfetch. Confira já o seu modelo!

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    Back in the mid-Nineties, Cantaloupe was THE place to drink

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    “My point is that its a nice [lesson] in the [tenets] of the Republican Party .. but it didnt have any purpose that served his party and his nominee,” he said. “Its almost like he wanted to prove that he wasnt just a guy who could turn tables over and speak truth to power.”
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    Good programs don?t rebuild, they reload ?
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    Mitt closed by talking about his father, George Romney. Mitt

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    As for any emotions? Rose downplayed them.
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    The NSA will neither confirm nor deny the specifics but some estimate that facility will be capable of storing five Xena bytes of data.
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    Police officers who arrested the suspected gunman described the former neuroscience graduate student, clad in body armor, as unusually relaxed but fidgety at times.
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    Stock Board is an investment website that makes it easy to keep track of your stocks.
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    Guadalupe Island hosts one of the most prolific populations of White Sharks on the planet. It offers warm (65-75 degrees) and sky-blue waters with an incredible visibility (about 100 feet), and an abundance of these impressive creatures.
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    Meanwhile, Spurs enter this game after ending the last league fixture 1-1 against Chelsea. Gylfi Sigurdsson gave the north London club an early lead and dominated the first half at the Lane. However, Chelsea bounced back after John Terry equalised from a header, which came from Juan Mata’s freekick in the second half.
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    Further, Philip Morris trimmed its fiscal 2013 forecast, and now expects earnings per share in a range of $5.35 to $5.40, versus $5.17 in 2012. The company’s previous forecast was earnings in a range of $5.43 to $5.53 per share.
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    This outcome reflects the last four elections, in which what I call the “40 within 40 rule” has been decisive. About 40% of the electorate describe themselves as independent, and within that core, roughly 40% describe themselves as moderates. When you do the math, that amounts to an absolutely essential 15% to 17% of the electorate.
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    At his own campaign stop at a Columbus Day parade in Howard Beach, Republican Joe Lhota put more stress on the infrastructure needed to protect against storms – pushing for jetties to be built in Rockaway.
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    But Mondello had his own lists.
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    Naturally, reporters were hot to ask Hizzoner more about those comments at an event today, and here’s what he had to say:
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    7. How often do you give status reports on progress? “Once a week at least is the minimum. If it’s less

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    January 31, 2008
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    Curley claims Intel is pushing them along. True, he has involved the chip giant in the Union

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    Beverley, who injured his ribs in Wednesday’s season opener, will miss 10 to 14 days as he recovers.
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    The overwhelming majority of Sonic’s users are law-abiding, Jasper said. While the company responds appropriately to legal requests, it wouldn’t force “unwarranted searches” on customers.
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    Wed 21 Aug Full time Premier League
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    Sat 7 Sep Full time August 2013 This table charts the fixtures in August 2013 Show last 5 matches and coverage Competition Fixture Date Kick-off Status League One
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    PERINO:Bob, we have an assignment for you next year.
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    Had things been different, he might have been in the news this month amidst talk he could be off-loaded in the transfer window.
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    08:25 As is common this season, almost all the teams are ferociously active on Twitter before the start of every race.
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    After a series of punts, Nick Folk drilled a 34-yard field goal to open the scoring with 8:53 remaining in the second quarter.
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    March 14-17Amalie Oil Gatornationals
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    But this is Mourinho before a ball has been kicked in anger, before any perceived contentious decisions have been made. The Mourinho calm may just be before the Mourinho storm.
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    However, it seemed a little early in the concert to spring one of those misfiring one-off duets beloved by The Brits.
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    A US offer of a $10m reward for information leading to his death or arrest indicates just how influential officials believe him to be.
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    And a third never face court, getting off with just a warning.
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    Except for his one shot at Barron, Cuomo ignored the attacks.

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    Posted by: Pam Cox August 30, 2008 2:14 PM
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    Scheduling conflicts and Rivera switching attorneys several times have delayed court-room proceedings. Police, lawyers and even Taylor

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    The funding measure Obama signed Thursday runs through Jan.15. Whats to say we wont have more brinksmanship then?
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    “I want to thank my colleagues for showing me how the Senate can work,” Bennet said.
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    He lost his Cadishead seat to the Tories with the Community Action Party making a strong showing in third.
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    “From my perspective, if you know Jon Lester, he sweats like a pig and he needs rosin,” Farrell said Thursday at Fenway Park. “And you know what, he keeps it in his glove. Other guys will keep it on their arm. Other guys will keep it on their pant leg. So that’s my response to the allegations.”
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    Rather than expect users to program their ideal temperature settings into the device??which many people never did, wasting lots of energy on unnecessary heating and cooling??Nest’s device used sensors and algorithms to “learn” your preferences and program itself. The result was a gadget so innovative it became obvious: You looked at the Nest and you thought, “Wait a second, why didn’t anyone think of this before?” (It’s not cheap, though, at $249).
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    They set up a straw man on the other side of the debate as well. The article opens with the “concession” that “the Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect. .?.?. Like most laws, Obamacare never will be perfect.” (That “most” is a nice touch. One wonders if they have an example in mind of a law that is perfect.) But we don’t recall anyone promising that ObamaCare would be perfect. What Obama and his backers promised was that it would be very, very good–that it would provide “universal” (or nearly so) coverage while reducing costs and maintaining or improving the quality of medical care.
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    Yet in that 1967 game, Florida A&M and Grambling were allies as much as rivals. They were unified in the cause in using football as a wedge to help shatter segregation and hasten racial equality. Indeed, the Orange Blossom Classic had developed with the same goal in mind. Its history is an indelible, if undeservedly overlooked, part of the Civil Rights saga in Miami, in Florida, and in America.
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    The eastbound side of the parkway suffered unprecedented damage as it was pounded by Sandy’s storm surges that also obliterated the dunes. In parts, particularly a strip two miles west of Gilgo Beach near Tobay, the ocean overran the road. The road was closed for nearly a month after the storm.

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    Greg Sandfort, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tractor Supply said, “We reacted appropriately to the extended spring and summer selling season and our stores were well-stocked with the right products and inventory levels to drive sales. Mild temperatures and the appropriate product assortment drove strong sell-through of C.U.E. and seasonal merchandise, which, in turn, led to strong comparable store sales, fewer seasonal markdowns and a significant improvement in gross margin.”
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    The close of the share offer Tuesday will be followed by a three-day period of “conditional trading” when City institutions can buy and sell the shares between each other.
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    Ephesus in Turkey is a fantastic Roman archaeological site that includes the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World.

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    Yaroslavl, situated at the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosl rivers, we had to ourselves. In a detour from the Rybinsk Reservoir created by Stalin at the cost of 100 lives a day we sailed past the fairy-tale spires of Tutaev to the ancient Golden Ring city. Fortuitously, Valery, a laconic professor of philosophy, fell to my group as Cicerone.
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    Although Burstein is no Imelda Marcos (she owns about 40 pairs and “not many high heels because after 65 it can become a balance issue”), she claims to be surrounded by shoeoholics. “And I think that we’ll see even more of that in 2009. It will be a safe period stylistically,” she predicts, “which is why accessories will do really well. It will be important for everything to have a feel-good factor the second you put it on.”
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    Since the Stream is currently in early Beta, there are kinks for sure, but it

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    Homeless in Tel Aviv
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    Agent number two, Ann Townsend, started working in the now defunct Unemployment Benefit Office in 1980. Her mother worked at a home that took in single mothers and babies (the lucky ones, as this series shows). Of the duo, Goldsack represents the rationing-era mentality with curt, pithily old-school Englishness: “The cloth is no longer cut accordingly,” he says of welfare expectations today. Townsend heroically slips into 1949 battle-axe mode, fired up by the thought of all the social workers out there who are “not being allowed to use their experience and intuition because of political correctness”.
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