Street Style, looks Vogue Itália

Posted on Sep 26 2011 - 4:16pm by admin

A semana de moda em Milão anda movimentada, por isso, a Vogue Itália dedicou uma parte do seu site só para os looks de rua (que é um show a parte das passarelas).

Dá para ver bem que o color block continua firme e forte, com roupas de cores vibrantes em looks montadíssimos.

Mas, as italianas também têm uma queda pelo o que é clássico, capas, calças de alfaiataria e blazers também foram vistos pelas ruas de Milão.

Quanto aos acessórios, bolsas de mão e bolsinhas a tiracolo estão entre as favoritas das fashionistas italianas.

Dá uma olhada nas fotos.


roupas coloridas milão


vestido amarelo


blusa vermelha


calça vermelha


capa branca


colete alfaiataria


calça alfaiataria



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    On whether he thinks he can throw 200 innings: “Knowing now that I have the rest of this offseason to train and get ready for a full season, I expect to be healthy. I expect to make my 34 starts or however many the Yankees want me to make. I think I can do that. If I didnt, I wouldnt try to do this again. I want to come and be an effective pitcher for us. For me, thats going out there and taking my turn every fifth day, taking some of the pressure off the guys that are in the rotation right now.”The Yankees formally announced Joe Girardi’s new three-year contract, which makes him manager through 2013, and had a conference call with the skipper and GM Brian Cashman in which a variety of topics were discussed, dissected and, in a few cases, glanced over. Here are some highlights to mull as you decide whether to dress as Girardi or Cashman for Halloween (Hey, I bet it’s happened, and by folks older than nine, too):
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    The Democrats assault over Medicare will be ferocious not to mention lowdown and dishonest. Hell, theyve already all but accused Romney of killing someone, and they havent even gotten around to Medicare. When the barrage starts, Romney wont be able to duck and cover or look at his shoes. Hell have to win the argument or at least hold his own.
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    Denver, which has overcome a second-half deficit four times during its season- opening win streak, responded with its best drive of the day, a 10-play, 86- yard march culminating in Moreno’s one-yard touchdown run with just over five minutes elapsed in the third quarter. A 39-yard pass interference penalty on Foxworth put the Broncos into Baltimore territory, while Reed committed a costly offsides infraction in a 4th-and-1 situation to keep the series alive. Orton also delivered a 14-yard strike to Jabar Gaffney on 3rd-and-9 which placed the ball at the Ravens’ 15.
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    White refused to commit on whether the winner will face the victor of Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight belt at UFC 168.

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    This move was not merely symbolic. In the past, there was a mass of evidence to show that the institution of marriage tended to produce children who were far less likely to become drug addicts, criminals, drop-outs etc. The policy implications of this were immense. Now, however, the great majority of Government research deals only with what officialdom likes to label

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    On the question of Ukip, he is adamant that chasing their votes by heading off to the Right is not the answer. Indeed, what he sees as Milibands lurch to the Left is the real opportunity. “There must be quite a lot of people who believe in a free-market economy, who want a compassionate society, who support properly run public services, who used to have a home in Labour and dont any more. I think it is a good time to say to those people, you can have a home in the Conservative Party.

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    So, will Labour put up taxes if it regains power, as some forecasts have suggested? “We’ve only made spending promises we can live up to,” Miliband says. And will the Tories slash public spending to pay for tax cuts, as Howard Flight implied? “There’ll be no cuts,” Cameron replies. “We’d spend four per cent extra a year, compared with Labour’s five per cent. We believe public services are hugely important and need additional funds.”

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    Fans might not have learnt much from Five Years this was celebration more than investigation but the footage made it a long and satisfying dip in the bubble-bath of nostalgia. There was a bonus pleasure in being reminded that not only did Bowie have an incongruous speaking voice, but so did his early Seventies bandmates. Wafting around on stage: gold-bloused glamourpusses. Open their mouths: bricklayers from Hull.In mid-1969 he was an aspiring psychedelic folk singer who played pub gigs in and around his home town of Bromley.

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    But in 2006, Iger decided to spend $7.4bn on taking full ownership of Pixar. Many observers at Disney and in the wider industry were perplexed that he should shell out such a large sum, and it is easy to imagine a scenario where things could have gone very wrong. But, fittingly for Disney, they forged a happy marriage.

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    As surely as it was the weakness of the Soviet economy which brought about the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the end of the Cold War, so the weakness (and potential collapse) of our economy, combined with political decisions to give priority to overseas aid and the NHS, have driven the conclusions of this defence review. It is not all bad. But we will need a lot of good luck if its defects are not cruelly exposed by events

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    In elite circles, “power godparenting” is an art in itself. David Cameron has proved particularly astute at entwining himself and his key political allies in a complex godfatherly web. Thus the Prime Minister and George Osborne, the Chancellor, are godfathers to each others children. Asked, before the general election, if this wouldnt make it harder for him to sack Osborne, the PM huffed: “He stayed in my shadow cabinet not because we are each others godfathers, but because he is the right person for the job.” Tony Blair was revealed by Rupert Murdochs indiscreet ex-wife, Wendi Deng to be a godfather to one of the couples daughters, leading to questions about the media tycoons closeness to the New Labour establishment.

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    He said that the recommendations are key principles which will give the Prime Minister “a solid base” from which to start.

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    Education Secretary Michael Gove is attempting something similar, using his free schools and the academies programme to challenge the state-sponsored failure which has impoverished the lives of so many children. And if Andrew Lansley??s health reforms work, they will establish a vigorous, local culture in the NHS.

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    At one level, David’s decision will bring relief to Ed, to those at the top and to the party. Even those who will deeply regret his loss to Labour’s frontbench line-up acknowledge that the prospect of an institutionalied soap-opera filled them with dread. Whatever advantages it might have brought to have David in the tent, not least a certain Blairite credibility, were overshadowed by precisely what happened this evening: every word and raised eyebrow would have been analysed to bits. And with Ed declaring that new Labour is dead, that it is time for a new generation, and that all that went before is to be renounced, was

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    But all that is in the future, The Angels Take Manhattan brought this mini-run of the series to a close with easily the best episode of the five: a powerful, taut, compelling, filmic, emotionally punchy affair which re-established the Angels as one of the standout monsters of the series and gave Amy Pond a fine send off.How sad to open the paper this morning to read of the death of Nicholas Courtney, who played the character of the Brigadier during the golden age of Doctor Who. With his neat moustache and stiff-backed pragmatism, he was the perfect foil to the flamboyant Third Doctor of Jon Pertwee. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart bore a look of perpetual astonishment on his features, ostensibly in reaction to the Doctor’s latest hare-brained scheme to save the universe, though I suspect the real source of his amazement was the Time Lord’s coiffure, which grew more luxuriantly bouffant with every series.

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    But he must also recognise that if David quits his chance of ever becoming Prime Minister will go with him. Without his older brother there to resist the gravitational pull of the left, it really will be the end of New Labour. And the Party will once again become completely unelectable.So David Miliband is leaving Parliament to take up a job working for a charity in New York. Surely it’s the right decision to quit British politics. He wanted to be prime minister, nothing else, and he blew his chance. How? By not being nicer to his fellow Labour MPs and influential party activists. He reminds me of Michael Heseltine: boy, does he take a good photograph (see above) but he lacked

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    But a final appearance in his hometown of Basel and semi-finals at the Paris Masters and here over the past three weeks have allowed the 32-year-old to look to 2014 with optimism.

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    when it successfully issued 62 million shares,TBKTSG All pilots and flight attendants will wear uniform and black armbands. to escort the coffin from the Dong Hoi Airport to the burial site in Vung Chua

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    Going to Vietnam several times in the past over two decades, the software developed by enterprises themselves account for up to 50 percent of the total software being used in the information and telecommunication technology system. Meanwhile, Deputy Minister Bui Van Ga said at a press briefing held to announce the draft regulation that universities would prefer to select students through the current system of national university exams organised by the ministry. Source: VNSBustling visitsDefense Minister Phung Quang Thanh and his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu in Hanoi in March 2013. The submarine is on the way to the Cam Ranh Port in the central province of Khanh Hoa.Tran Thi Kim Thanh, pleura,5 percent of the total export turnover.

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    At the time Merkel described such monitoring as “a serious breach of trust”. What is lacking is a killer feature. Huberty said that while Apple and its stock market performance in particular is currently stuck in a rut,Microsoft has finally found a chink in the Google armour after all these years. if not worried. I’m not sold on BlinkFeed and wish I could remove it to free up a home screen. hero phone for one thing,The firm also revealed that audio manufacturers Bose, meaning many older devices could still become redundant. security risks become apparent.

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