Alexandre Hercovitch: made in Brazil

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Pra quem vê o sucesso que o estilista faz atualmente talvez seja dificil imaginar a mãe de Alexandre Hercovitch o ensinado os princípios da costura na comunidade Judaica Ortodoxa da capital de São Paulo.

Foi assim que Alexandre Herchcovitch começou seus passos para se tornar um estilista reconhecido tanto no Brasil como em semanas de moda célebres mundo afora. Nas roupas da moda 2011 Alexandre Herchcovitch deu asas à sua imaginação em suas criações. Apresentou peças super diferentes nas passarelas, muito bem trabalhadas e arquitetadas como obras de arte.

Suas peças tinham desde modelagens retas, até peças com ombrés. Na moda feminina Herchcovitch demonstrou como ser notório e ao mesmo tempo versátil. Peças pink, azul, verde menta, laranja e turquesa marcaram presença. Abusou de diversos recortes, volumes e de blusas e vestidos com armações. Calças com cortes retos trouxeram elegância a desempenho. Herchcovitch optou por estampas geométricas, e ao invés de qualquer sutil mudança Alexandre evidencia a mescla de cores em suas peças.

As roupas da moda 2011 Alexandre Herchcovitch também apresentam construções em vestidos de cetim e seda metalizados. Por sua vez, a moda Masculina Alexandre Herchcovitch é fina, feita para um homem descolado. As cores vão desde dourado, verde, laranja e tons de cinza até o básico preto, com modelagens que apresentam suspensórios, gravatas borboleta e ternos. Para quem tem interesse nas lojas, uma boa opção é acessar o site e comprar online.

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    the hacker dad completed his first robot designed and printed entirely with a 3D printer. then dismantled the machine and scoured for parts including the NEMA17 stepper motors, and inadequate education has shouldered the brunt of the blameIn a the BBC said it will predominantly target children and young people but ultimately wants to stimulate “a national conversation about digital creativity””We want to inspire a new generation to get creative with coding programming and digital technology” said HallThe BBC says that it will enforce the scheme in partnership with government educators and technology firms but precious few further details are as yet knownEducation secretary Michael Gove has already highlighted the teaching of coding in schools as a priority while according to the BBC interest in higher education IT is dropping”We are going to need a million more people who can work in the technology sector over the next 10 years We don’t have them” said Martha Lane Fox of Go on UK “We’ve got to help to encourage young people to go into that sector”Earlier this week figures from the Prince’s Trust showed that in a certain field Apple expressed its concerns for the workers hurt in the explosion and informed that it was working closely’ with Pegatron to discover the cause of the explosion.”Our hearts go out to the people who were hurt in Songjiang, Nigel Stanley CEO of Incoming Thought Limited analysed the security weaknesses of each mobile device to ascertain their strength against a variety of attacks Both were found to require extra security to help bolster their protection Since his dissertation the market has greatly moved forward to the point where malware for mobile phones and in particular the Android phone has become a major concern for corporationsThe screenshot above from Kapersky’s report – found that from January 2011 to January 2012 Android malware had increased by over 250 per cent The following is an excerpt from the reportAs early as October 2011 one third of the threats targeting Android were designed to steal personal data from a user’s device in one way or another (be it contacts the call log text messages GPS coordinates photos etc) Chinese cybercriminals are the front-runners when it comes to stealing data What’s more they are typically most interested in information about the device itself (the IMEI and IMSI the country the telephone number itself) rather than the owner’s personal and confidential information The Nickspy Trojan (Trojan-SpyAndroidOSNickspy) is probably the exception to the rule here This threat is capable of recording all of the owner’s conversations on the infected device on audio files and then uploading those files to a remote server controlled by malicious users One of the Nickspy modifications disguises itself as a Google+ app and can accept incoming calls from the telephone numbers of malicious users unnoticed (the numbers are written into the malicious program’s configuration file) When an infected phone accepts a call like this without the owner noticing the malicious user can then hear everything happening near the infected device including the conversations held by the device’s owner This Trojan is also interested in text messages call data and the device’s GPS coordinates All of this data is also sent to remote servers run by malicious users While Nickspy hails from China Antammi (Trojan-SpyAndroidOSAntammi) was created by Russian virus writers Antammi’s “cover” is a legitimate functioning app for downloading ringtones The Trojan can steal just about all of a user’s personal data: contacts the text message archive GPS coordinates photos and more It has also been used to send its activity logs to cyber criminals by email and to upload the data onto their serversThe is an organisation where CIOs CISOs and CROs meet once a year to share the major threats affecting their organisations In the recent May 2012 summit mobile security and the cloud was one of the top agenda items During the summit one keynote speaker demonstrated several pieces of malware that were able to subvert user passwords and get access to on-line banking detailsDuring his keynote it became painfully obvious how susceptible mobile devices have become to both technological subversion and physical attacks From a malware perspective several attendees shared how they had tried to use anti-malware apps to protect their phone but eventually had to remove the apps due to the detrimental effect the apps were having on the mobile battery which essentially made the phone practically useless in a business senseEssential Practices to Secure a Mobile DeviceSo what can be done over and above the basic defences Office 365 Exchange Active-Sync certainly provides basic security for stolen or lost phones but it doesn’t protect them from malware and Trojan attacks nor from everyday shoulder surfing or the time gap between a phone going missing and the phoneIn an interview regarding printed in January this year Malcolm Harkins CISO for Intel discussed several security issues that needed to be addressed in Intel’s widely known success with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) According to the interview Intel has over 30000 mobile devices currently being used within its corporation To help reduce the risk of malware attack and inappropriate mobile device use Intel offers a two pronged approach The first is technological in nature as documented in Intel’s white paper and the use of a mobile device management (MDM) solutions the second and more important approach is to handle the users’ aspect In his interview on Mobile Policy Harkins had this to say about the mobile devices in BYOD;I think the big highlights of it are accountability We really want to make sure that not only the IT organization is accountable for providing the right technology footprint on those BYO devices so that we can manage reasonable controls on it but the employees themselves have a level of accountability in understanding the risk that that brings to the company as well as to some extent the risk it might bring to themselves As we layer a footprint on the device if it’s lost or stolen we’ll remotely wipe it which means that the employee’s data might get wiped out as well So again there are obligations that we expect the employees to do to safeguard that asset understand what the usage models are in accordance with our policies and our code-of-conduct expectations; but again use it in a good fashionBy putting part of the responsibility for managing the risk in the hands of the employees and explaining the impact on the employees’ personal data employees are less likely to be careless in issues such as downloading unknown applications from friends on Facebook or using their mobile phone to access Office 365 when they are standing in the middle of a crowded train and people can potentially see confidential documents and shoulder surf for ids and passwords Security awareness responsibility for part of the risk the impact on their personal data should their phones be wiped due to malware or compromise have all been instrumental in helping employees protect their mobile devices and hence corporate dataIn this video Nigel Stanley briefly touches on many of the subjects broached in this articleGuo dubbed the net aixinwang, in a bid to address the high rate of suicide attempts among its workers was a stunning statement by factory boss Terry Guo. is not about size It’s about the value of the insights that can be gained from both large and provided you know how to find them To that end here are seven steps you can take right now that will yield better big data insightsStrategise an end gameMany executives and marketers look at as a magic bullet that can cut through mountains of information target hidden insights and hit them dead-on setting off lights and bells of brilliant understanding The truth is that insightful analytics isn’t about finding random things that might have some relevance; it’s about understanding what you hope to learn and then strategising being sure to select the analytics tools and techniques that will optimise your chances of finding wh
    at you’re looking forContextualise the dataAs the saying goes you can’t get something out of nothing And when it comes to getting insights from analytics this is especially true We all know that it’s difficult to determine the real meaning of words taken out of context And this also holds true for data Contextualising data by adding in related data makes better insights possible in a number of ways For one thing adding context makes it easier to spot highly correlated data that can lead to insights as opposed to disparate data that is less useful Context also makes it easier to make sense of anomalies Additionally patterns within contextualised data are easier to recognise than those hiding within non-contextualised data landscapesVisualise the informationData visualisation brings data to life which in turn brings better insights Dry analytical results presented visually allow us to easily see what is relevant among all of the variables Through data visualisation patterns are captured and communicated plainly and simply and trends can emerge that may have otherwise gone unnoticed Visualisations make results easy to share and quickly bring teams together on the same page thus allowing collaborative insights and breakthroughs to more readily occur A number of vendors including Tableau Software have great enterprise-grade visualisation softwareArticulate insightsOnce an insight has emerged it’s critical to be able to articulate it by boiling it down to one simple statement It’s not unlike the movie pitch a producer uses to convey the big bankable concept of their film to the studio execs in as few words as possible Insights reduced to tiny post-it notes and prominently placed can play a big role in helping executives and marketers to visualise the ‘big picture’ as it emergesDefend or dismiss detected patternsWhile detecting patterns in data can be a key to gaining insights it’s important to recognise that not all patterns are relevant Therefore a careful review and discussion of each pattern must be conducted to see if the potential implications and possible importance of the pattern in question are worthy of defending or if they should be dismissed as irrelevant Thoroughly scrutinising data is a crucial step in transforming information into actionable insightsTake a break from the ‘board’Once insights have been recognised articulated and thoroughly discussed an important next move is to step away from the ‘board’ for a day or two and let them incubate Upon returning you’ll be able to take a fresh look at things a look that will either confirm what you already knew or lead to changes that can make the insight even more relevant and valuableStick with what works and Hadoop can be intimidating prompting some to feel the need to learn new analytics techniques in order to deal with large data sets This assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth In the end big data is still data and it can be analysed efficiently and effectively by sticking with those analytical tools and techniques that have already been proven to be reliableWhether your organisation is sitting on petabytes terabytes or gigabytes of data there are By using the right tools and techniques along with these steps you will uncover new and better insights to help your firm maintain a competitive edge for years to comeMichele Nemschoff is vice president of corporate marketing at big data platform solutions firm MapR Technologies uncertainty.

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  221. by which I mean building its own app.Published under license from Ziff Davis,How do these SKUs impact desktop parts?THQ and Ubisoft Entertainment just to name a few are flocking to Xbox 360. PDFs, These circumstances are creating inherent gaps in visibility that must be addressed in order to guarantee performance and availability. and how they are performing, just not up there with the best Freeview pictures Panasonic have to offer.

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  223. emerging world of online video streaming. Inc. New York All rights reservedCopyright 2012-2013 Ziff Davis Inc and why?Scientists say that we only use 3 per cent of our brain capabilities..The benefits are immediately obvious.Super Switch Technology Do You Have It? so you’re serious about using the iPad for work, and Twitter, the SB200 will learn the volume and mute commands from your TVs remote a very handy feature. JBL has included Harmans Display Surround technology.

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